May 31st: Toblerone Honeycomb Crisp

Kcal 515 Fat 27.0g Fat(sats) 16.0g Carbs 62.0g

Well this was pretty inevitable wasnt it....on Monday I 'rounded off' my reviews of the Toblerone range with my review of the 'Fruit & Nut' variant....well just to make me look silly Kraft have managed to release another variant of Toblerone that not even the internet seems to have heard of!!! Yes a google search and even the Toblerone site dosent show any knowledge of the existance of todays bar....Toblerone 'Honeycomb Crisp'.

Now heres where things get a little complicated....the name and on pack description mentions 'Honeycomb Crisp'...the description says "milk chocolate with almond, honey, nougat and added honeycomb pieces".....ok...but one look at the ingredients and this dosent transpire...milk chocolate...yes, almond...yes, honey...yes, nougat...yes but honeycomb pieces...nope! Instead included is 'rice'. So it turns out this isnt actually honeycomb but infact rice diguised as how did it fare?

Appearance - brilliant as ever! Not quite the high standard of the 'Dark' or 'Fruit & Nut' variants but still pretty damn nice looking. The aroma was also very nice - as with the other variants a nice cocoa smell but with this bar it was complimented with an added sweet edge..not a synthetic smelling one though - a nice fresh one.

On to the big one then....the taste!! Well initially I wasnt overly impressed. The bar had a near overpowering initial taste - it is one that I can describe as tasting elderflower like flavour infact! Its initially very strong and overly sweet for my tastebuds. Luckily this primary flavour was quickly diluted by the creamy chocolate and it soon transformed to a strong honey like flavour that was far more bearable and overly nice. As you can imagine with the added rice cereal the bar had more of a 'snap, crackle and pop' texture. It made for an intresting texture and none the less it complimented the smooth chocolate and small chewy nougat flakes nicely.

Overall this isnt the best of the Toblerone range....infact its scored the lowest of the lot lol...but thats not to say it isnt a nice is. I was a tad disappointed with the fact that the on pack description was a bit misleading...its not actually honeycomb, its a bar with an excentuated honey flavour and a rice crispy texture. Not really the same thing is it!?...but it is what it is and despite it having a pretty overpowering initial flowery noted taste it transformed into a nice strong honey rooted flavour with a great tasting base of great quality milk chocolate. Definately worth giving a try if your fans of the Toblerone range - to be honest Im genuinely intrested in hearing peoples opinions on this bar...that all depends on you being able to find it first though.

7.8 out of 10

May 30th: Nestle Violet Crumble (Aus)

Kcal 240 Fat 8.6g Fat(sats) 8.3g Carbs 38.0g

"G'day There Skip"...errr yeh... todays bar comes all the way from 'Down-Under' Australia via my good pals at Sweetstall. The Violet Crumble is Nestle's answer to the Cadbury Crunchie - a bar that I genuinely have alot of love for.

The Violet Crumble came in a very sizeable serving - and was contained in a pretty stylish purple foil pack. On pack it described itself as 'delicious shattering choc coated honeycomb'.... as you can probably gauge from this description and picture above the product proposition is entirely the same as the Crunchie.

The foil wrapper ensured the product retained a pleasant aroma - slightly chocolaty but with a nice hint of honey - an overly enticing smell.

The outside coating of the bar was comprimised of milk chocolate. Its flavour was reasonable - it was quite sweet but had a nice milky undertone. Unfortunately it wasnt quite thick enough for my liking and its flavour was quickly lost in the midst of the honeycomb centre.

The honeycomb centre....oh dear where do I start. Unfortunately unlike the aroma, a honey taste was nowhere to be seen. The honeycomb was sickeningly sweet and could be described as nothing more but tasting of sugar. Its texture was also pretty bad...I dont know if you guys have ever tasted freeze dried food? Astronuaght food?...but its texture was exactly like that...dry as a bone. It was so dry infact that it made the honeycomb congeal with the saliva in my mouth and literally just stick to my sad to say but it was horrible.

Overall if this was a boxing the red corner the Cadbury Crunchie....and in the blue corner the Nestle Violet Crumble....well I hope the blue corner brought a pillow cause its 'going to sleep'....the Cadbury Crunchie would win with a first round KO...the difference in class is that large. The chocolate of the Violet Crumble isnt bad...its passable thats for sure. The bar also looks nice in appearance and I cant fault it for its hunger fufilment credentials...its certainly a big bar. The product literally self combusts when it comes to the honeycomb filling...its tastes ever so sickley and has none of the honey tasting goodness that you get in the Crunchie. Whats even worse than the taste is the texture - it sucks any sort of moistness from the mouth and annoylingly just clings to your teeth...just horrible. I genuinely wouldnt recommend this bar to anyone...I wouldnt want to be held to that...I guess if your a massive fan of the Crunchie I could see why you could be interested in at least sampling this bar but If Im honest I would leave it well alone.

5.8 out of 10

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May 29th: Oreo Cakesters

Kcal 250 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 36.0g

Who said 'tea and cake' was an English thing eh? It seems everyone outside the UK gets all these different cake products that we simply just dont in the UK! These were another tasty treat from Colarado's own Chocolate Mission reader Justin. You all may recall my sheer fascination and recent addiction to the highly debated Kinder Milk Slice - well these are along the same premise...two cake sponges with a cream like filling....of course with these being Oreo style the cake was chocolate flavoured.

According to the back of pack, a single serving comprimises of two cakes - which together weigh 57g. To be honest these wernt overly substantial and I was still quite hungry after eating both...I certainly wanted to eat a few more :D :D The packet as you can see above was reasonably good looking... what I was rather pleased with was the cardboard sleeve that protected both the did a sterling job to say the least and despite the numerous air miles and extreme weather conditions these faced whilst making their way across the pond, as you can see above they arrived in A+ condition and looked very very appertising.

Unfortunately the smell didnt quite correspond with the look and the aroma was rather lacklusture...not bad smelling just very non descript apart from a relatively low key sweet smell.

The texture of the cakes were suprisingly sturdy. The chocolate cake pieces were more akin to firm chocolate brownie rather than a light cake texture like found in the Kinder Slices. To be honest I preffered this more viscuous type cake as it allowed for a stronger flavour. The taste of the cake pieces was suprisingly more chocolaty than you get with the biscuit version of Oreos, incedently I was suprised by this as looking at the ingredients the actual cocoa content was low.

The middle cream centre of the Cakesters was much lower in proportion that seen in comparison to the Kinder Slice. Its taste was much alike the centre filling you get with standard Oreos...slightly milky but the dominant flavour being a sugary sweet one. Its texture was again very similar to the centre of a standard Oreo biscuit though ever so slightly lighter and more whipped.

Overall although these have scored marginally higher than the KinderMilk Slice, if it was a direct taste on taste contest I would say the Kinder option is superior. As an all round product though these Oreo Cakesters slightly edge it as a contest as they have more appealing look and superior texture to the cake element. These are certainly an incredibly moreish product and after consuming two I was more than ready for another...which isnt an entirely good thing in my opinion. I would definately recommend these if you enjoy the Kinder Slice or Oreos...or just generally if you like cakey products.

7.3 out of 10

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May 29th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Tasters

Kcal 240 Fat 13.7g Carbs 25.4g

I hadnt seen these for a good while until I came across them in a Cadbury's branded vending machine at Gatwick airport the other day. These dont seem to be a product that are to readily avalible anymore though I remember a few years ago these were quite popular and also came in the form of a fruit and nut variant.

So let me fill in the people who are unaware what these are...Tasters are simply small solid balls of Dairy Milk that are slightly smaller than maltesers. These came in a pack of 45g...slightly smaller than the 49g that you get with the same chocolate in a single serving solid bar form.

In appearance they arent the most impressive product you will ever come across. They are hardly insulting on the eyes but are simply nothing more than small solid balls of milk enscriptions of any sort..just plain milk chocolate balls...for me not much of an issue but not the most exciting of prospects. Luckily the packet saves the product from mere asthetic mediocrity, its a stunning a pruple wrapper with gold enscribed writing. Not only does the wrapper look good but it also maintains a freshness to the product and retains that distinct dreamy smelling Dairy Milk aroma which eminated as soon as I opened the packet.

In taste these are no different to the Dairy Milk bar - its flavour is very creamy with an initial cocoa flavour that transforms into a wonderful creamy milky aftertaste...its delicious. Where the 'Tasters' format slightly suffers is in the texture of the product...due to their small size they arent the most substantial of products. The Dairy Milk flavour dosent seem to come through quite as strongly with these compared to the block form of the bar and I believe this is due to combination of the pieces small size and large surface area. This means they melt very rapidly in the mouth. Despite the nice aftertaste they leave the melting is too fast and the flavour cant be savoured for as long as with the blocks...which is a shame. Despite the rapidness of the melting the texture they do have once melted is smooth and overly pleasant.

Overall theres no doubting these are still a great tasting product...they were never not going to be as they are simply just Dairy Milk chocolate. Unfortunately the change in format from bar to small pieces dosent quite work. They dont feel as substantial as a proposition as the normal bar and certainly dont look as impressive. The flavour longevity also suffers a tad which is a shame as the taste is just so good. I can see how some people might prefer this format - its a different way to consume compared to a standard bar and their nibbling/snacking potential is endless. These are a great a great product but im not suprised they are currently being phased out...I would just recommend you stick with the standard bar...but if you see these and feel like a slight change from the norm I see no reason why not to give these a try.

8.4 out of 10

May 28th: Reese's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bat Medallions

Kcal 200 Fat 14.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 22.0g (per 4 pieces 40g)

Yet another ChocolateMission reader (Justin) has recently very very kindly sent me a great batch of goodies all the way America all in the name of the ChocolateMission cause....thanks again Justin.

So another Limited Edition candy with a movie tie in eh!? This offering from Reese's is tied in with the soon to be released new Batman film. In keeping with the dark coloured nature of our skin tight leather caped friend Batman the traditional Reese's chocolate has been replaced with a darker chocolate...hmmm intresting.

Anyone who reads regularly will know I have a pretty big problem with the standard milk chocolate used in Reese's products...I find it pretty non descript in flavour and waxy in texture...did this new dark chocolate cure this problem?! well read on and find out :)

Justin kindly sent me a serving of four of these pieces which equates to an on package decription of one serving...this is was more than a substantial amount (about 40g) and the rich flavour made for a hunger satisfying product.

Unfortunately the product was slightly damaged in transit (see picture above :( :( ...they got slightly melted..doh!) ... despite this though they still looked rather nice anyway...a deep dark colour with a nice light coloured centre. Looking on the internet each of the pieces is supposed to have a batman symbol enscribed (you can vaguely make it out in the pic above) - on the whole I would say they had a nice look...what I was slightly disappointed with though was the size of the pieces...they were neither minis or standard cups which I think is a tad clumsy...personally I think they should have been kept a standard cup size.

So how did they taste...lets start with the peanut butter..well guess what!? Yep the usual creamy buttery goodness that Reese's are so renowned for. Again the nutty slightly salty flavour contrasted brilliantly agaisnt the slightly grainy texture...I dont need to say it again but I will..its DELICIOUS and smells fantastic aswell!

So the chocolate...well its fabulous and far superior to the standard milk chocolate that Reese's generally use...but... and there is a but!!...its not dark chocolate. It rather just tastes like a stronger chocolate...its far more cocoa rooted than the standard milk chocolate normally used. Despite giving a strong cocoa taste it isnt one that I would overly describe as 'dark'....just more flavoursome and slightly richer....but at the end of the day far far better. With the flavour being stronger the texture seemed less waxy and more substantial.

Overall its a real shame these are a limited edition as these are going to be gone before we know it :( My only gripe with these come in the form of the slightly arkward size they came in...the shape isnt ideal..its a bit big for a mouthful and with no paper wrapper like the standard cups a bit arkward to eat. Despite this the chocolate really is an improvement...its not quite the 'dark' proposition it promises but its a far more flavoursome chocolate than the standard milk chocolate Reese's products...I just wish this was the standard chocolate used in their products. Again as a peanut butter product its superb...Reese's never fail in this department. Not quite as good as the white chocolate variant which remains my favourite but still very very tasty. I very much recommend you stock up on these whilst we can. Great stuff!

8.5 out of 10

May 28th: Nestle Chocolate Log (SA)

Kcal 235 Fat 9.8g Carbs 33.3g

Todays review the 'Nestle Chocolate Log' was contained in my recent batch of goodies from Recently Dom over at Chocoablog cast his opinion over this bar and his review is really worth a read as he comes to alot of the conclusions that I have done here.

So whats the deal with this bar then? 'creamy marshmallow on crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate'.... so....chocolate? Yep...Wafer? Yep...Nestle? Yep!! Surely they have to use the tried and proven Kit Kat formula!?...unfortunately not :(

As you can see above the bar is particularly fragile and despite numerous layers of bubble wrap and general TLC from the guys at Sweetstall the bar couldnt help but crack and spill out its mallow content. Not only did this ruin the look of the bar but it made it particularly messy to eat. The bar in size was rather good - it weighed a suprising 52g but its hunger fufilment achievements were more down to its overly sugary and sickly nature rather than actual hunger subsidement.

The bar unfortunately not only had a horrible asthetic look but also a pretty hideous aroma - it smelt very cheap and artifically you can probably tell by now this wasnt the most attractive proposition and I wasnt expecting too much from the taste.

....and how correct I was :) the chocolate was ok...Ive definately had worse thats for sure, Despite the unfortunate cracking of ontop of the bar the chocolate was relatively thick..more so at the base which did work relatively well. The chocolate provided a sound creamy coating...unfortuntely this was as good as it got. The marshmallow was suprisingly sturdy in Dom said at Chocablog its more akin to a very light nougat - which I had no problem with... unfortunately though it made for a very tasteless light had a very very sugary taste that by the end of the bar made for an overly sweet one and thus sickly. The wafer wasnt much better - it was poor in texture and had no apparent crispness to it...if anything it felt chewy and stale. The flavour was also quite poor lacking any malty sort of flavour found in the likes of Kit had a slight sweet sugary taste which again just added to the sickly nature of the bar.

Overall this was a very disappointing offering from Nestle in a product that has quite a bit of potential. Just think a Kit Kat like product with a layer of marshmallow between the wafer and upper chocolate layer...sounds delicious right!? Unfortunately this isnt executed here...forgetting the appearance and the smell, the bar tastes overly sweet and synthetic....the textures of the mallow and wafer just dont feel quite right!!...lets not even go into the bar ingredients (hydrogenated vegetable oils anyone??...thought not!) a pretty sub-standard bar in my opinion.

4.8 out of 10

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May 27th: Nestle Smarties Milk Chocolate Bar

Kcal 235 Fat 13.4g Carbs 26.0g

I think you guys are just going to have to trust me with this review as im aware this bar was taken out of distribution by Nestle quite some time ago (boooo!!) how did I get hold of it you ask?...well I came across one a few weeks ago in my local shady corner shop...its best before date was stamped as I should be ok...fingers crossed eh!?...if theres no review tommorow you know why lol!

This bar split into six evenly sized chunks and weighed in at 45g. The bar constituted of milk chocolate with mini smarties dispersed nice and consistently throughout. The blocks split up evenly despite the inclusion of the Smarties...the presence of the Smarties gave the bar a nice colourful look and the enscribed 'Nestle' logo made the bar look suprisingly stylish.

Despite the bar having a slightly dodgy cheap plastic wrapper the smell of the bar wasnt too bad...just a faint cocoa smell that was nothing more and nothing less than slightly appealing.

The milk chocolate of the bar was pretty good. Looking at the ingredients the main ingredient was of course sugar..the next was Cocoa butter which is slightly suprising considering the mass nature of the bar....not suprising when considering the flavour though. The bar had a nice chocolaty taste that was very similar in taste to the chocolate that covers Kit Kats. The milk chocolate brought back memories of when I used to get all excited about finding a Kit Kat with the wafer it was just solid chocolate...I used to get so excited...just me eh!? Anyway...It melted in the mouth at a nice rate and had a milky aftertaste. The mini smarties gave a nice texture to the bar, adding a nice interspersed crunchy element to the smooth chocolate. The sugary nature of the shells also came through with each bite but not overly so to make it sickly.

Overall its a real shame this bar has been taken from the market. The bar dosent exactly have the most prestigous of ingredients for its milk chocolate but in truth its actually rather good tasting. The Smarties add a nice element to the texture of the bar giving it an interesting crunch with the crunchy shells contrasting the smooth chocolate nicely. Its suprising this bars gone but im pretty sure one day it will be back in some incarnation - if it does I would definately recomend it to anyone...especially fans of Smarties, M&M's...and of course solid chocolate Kit Kat saddos like myself :D

7.9 out of 10

May 26th: Toblerone Fruit & Nut

Kcal 495 Fat 25.5g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 61.0g (per 100g)

This review of the Toblerone Fruit and Nut caps off my reviews of the Toblerone range. 'Save the best till last'....has always been a philsophy I have lived by, but its been more just conincedence that the last bar I have sampled in the range has turned out to be my favourite.

The fruit and nut bar dosent actually contain any variation of nut type from the original - it simply just has the same almond ingredient. However, the nut pieces are noticeably larger and more generous in proportion. The fruit element of the bar is comprised of raisins that encompass 12% of the total bar...these again are very generously disperesed with each chunk containg 2-3.

We have long established now that I really like the design of Toblerone...asthetically it looks unique and intresting but what most impressed me with this bar was the way it avoided breaking up unevenly. Despite their chunky contents of the nuts and fruit - each chunk broke off with relative ease and same size. The bar had a pleasant cocoa smell that had a slight nutty hint to it.

So the bar looked good, smelt good and its ingredients proportioned how did it taste?....well it tasted pretty damn awesome aswell. The chocolate was the pleasant milk chocolate that you get the with the had a creamy taste with a hint of honey, only made better with the small but sweet little nougat pieces. The nougat also added a nice little chewyness to the texture once the chocolate had melted in the mouth - great stuff.

If I have had one gripe with the Toblerone range its been the lack of nutty almond flavour. This thankfully is put right here with the almond pieces being larger in size and more generous in proportion. Its always a worry with raisins in chocolate that they get lost in the taste but this wasnt the case - they had a nice sugary fruity flavour and had a distinct slightly chewy texture.
As aforementioned I was extremely impressed with the dispersion of the fruit and nut elements in the bar..each block seem to have an equal share of both which is far better than having one block crammed full of one or the other.

Overall the crunchy nuts and soft raisins agaisnt the creamy chocolate and chewy nougat makes for an outstanding combination of textures and taste. Fruit and nut can be quite hard to pull off, and with other bars I have reviewed before they have struggled with ill proportioned and bland ingredients...this isnt the case here and its definately the best fruit and nut bar I have had to date. Another thing that suprised me was that this had the lowest Kcal per 100g of the whole Toblerone range...thats just another excuse for you to go out and try this one :) . Toblerone fans this is a must....for everyone else...its still a must - this storms into the top 5!

8.8 out of 10

May 25th: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures

Kcal 210 Fat 12.0g Fat(sats) 4.5g Carbs 22.0g (per 5 cups - 39g)

Now arent these the cutest things you have ever seen?! These came into possesion courtesy of the kind people at in a 150g bag which ecquates to about 4 servings of 5 20 in all.

Being a massive fan of all things peanut butter I could hardly contain myself when I opened the plastic packet and an initial waft of peanut butter overcame my senses...these smelt soooo good and were eminating a lively and fragrant nutty aroma - very very enticing.

Despite their relative small size I was impressed to find each cup came protected in both a foil and paper cup wrapping...this not only looked smart but ensured that cups maintained their freshness and shape.

As you can see from the cross section above each cup had a relatively thick chocolate coating. In these minatures the proportion of chocolate to peanut butter certainly does favour the chocolate side of things - especially when you compare these to the 'Big Cup' versions which are litterally crammed to the brim with the creamy stuff.

This effected the texture and taste of the cups slightly in comparison to their standard sized siblings. The thicker chocolate made for a initial pleasant crunchy element, providing a nice 'cracking' feel. Unfortunately the overall texture was slightly offset in comparison. The chocolate in these miniatures is again the same slight disappointment it is in every Reese's product...slightly lacking in flavour with a weired waxy texture. Unfortunately as it is slightly more prominant in this variant it is at its detriment, as the waxy texture masked some of the amazing peanut butter flavour. The peanut butter despite lacking a bit in proportionality still had a lovely slightly grainy texture that gaves it that authentic nutty but creamy taste.

Overall these are a variation that certainly smell and look fantastic. They are alot less messy to handle than the original two cups format and just perfect if you would like just a small chocolate snack. Five at a time seems a good number and certainly went away to subsiding the hunger I had. Unfortunately the proportioning of chocolate and peanut butter wasnt quite to my taste - I would prefer more peanut butter...however despite this I still very much enjoyed these and would recommend them to any Reese's/peanut butter/nuts fan.

8.4 out of 10

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May 24th: Nestle Kit Kat

UPDATE: 24/07/10 - I've added in a picture of the Kit Kat Chunky + updated my review with my thoughts on how it compares to the four finger.

Kcal 233 Fat 12.2g Fat(sats) 8.3g Carbs 28.2g

Now I honestly don't think there can be too many people alive in the UK today that have never at one time in their life had a Kit Kat - if we are being truthful these are probably more likely to grace the average persons lunchbox rather than an apple. Whilst the Kit Kat has iconic status in the UK, you might also want to experiment by typing Kit Kat into google. You will be literally amazed at the number of hits of websites you will get in the Far East - they seem to have more variations of the Kit Kat than we have alternatives in our whole confectionery range here in the UK. So how does the original version we have here in the UK size up on the Chocolate Mission ranking then!? ...sorry to spoil the surprise if you have avoided the end but I can confirm it does pretty good.

As you can see above I sampled this in the 'classic' four finger product (45.5g). This did seem rather large in proposition, but I was left wanting more after polishing the fourth finger off. The design of the bar has always been pretty flawless - personally I'm happy with either a four or a Chunky, though I do have a soft spot for the iconic status of the four finger. The finger design is flawless in concept and makes for a handy and nice looking product. The inscribed 'Kit Kat' symbol placed on top, in my opinion always makes Kit Kats look extra classy look. One thing that is consistent across both formats, is that the foil wrappers do a great job of keeping the products both looking and smelling fresh. The Kit Kat I ate for today's review smelt both chocolatey and creamy with just a hint of savoury biscuit.

As I'm sure we are all aware Kit Kats constitute of 'layered wafers surrounded and coated in milk chocolate'. The bar has a nice texture to it with the base having a slightly thicker layer of chocolate - personally I like nibbling off the thin chocolate layer on top and then eating the exposed wafer with the rest of the chocolate base. The wafer had a nice light crispness which avoided melting away too quickly in the mouth - it lasted sufficiently long enough to provide a subsequently pleasant flavour. The chocolate was typical of other Nestle products. No it wasn't special by any means, but it had a smooth flavour flow that had a decent balance of milk and cocoa flavours. Unlike some wafer products, I always find that the Kit Kat wafers always deliver a decent amount of flavour. Though I would say the Chunky format is better at delivering long lasting flavours, this four finger bar still managed to generate the desired wheat biscuit flavours. The contrast of savoury wafer and sweet chocolate are what make the Kit Kat so great.

Overall there's a reason why the Kit Kat has such a iconic status ... it tastes great ... it looks great and its just an overly fun product. For me it's only slight issues comes in that it could be a little more substantial - whenever I eat a four finger or a Chunky I still feel like I could eat another. I'm not sure I should even bother recommending this because chances are that you would have tried a Kit Kat sometime in your life. Just to be on the safe side though, I genuinely recommend this product to anyone - go on 'have a break - have a Kit Kat'.... I had to get that in somewhere ;) very close to breaking into the Chocolate Mission top 5!

8.3 out of 10

May 24th: Montezuma's "Jungle Fever"

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Its been awhile since I dipped into the Montezuma's range and judging by the amount I enjoyed tonights bar its been far too long.

The crazy Montezuma's range names continue with this bar named "Jungle Fever" encompasses 'organic milk chocolate with fruit & nut'. To be more specific the bar contains milk chocolate with 34% solids, organic walnuts (10%), organic coconuts (8%), organic sultanas (8%) and lastly organic apricots (3%)....frankly this bars crammed full of bits and bobs and as you can see above it makes the appearance of the bar look rather intresting.

Despite this bar also being 45g (the same as all the other bars in the speciality gift set) it did a geat job of satisfying my hunger...more so than some of the others - im sure this is accountable due to the extra chunky elements of the nuts and fruit.

As with the other Montezuma's bars this variant didnt hit all the right notes in the aroma category. Its smell wasnt overly strong...just a subtle milky cocoa smell with no real evidence of any nuts or fruity notes...a bit disappointing.

Due to the large nature of the fruits and nuts pieces the bar didnt break up amazingly still split relatively easily into six blocks but they were random in size.

The thing that amazed me about this bar was the variance in flavours that each block had. The chocolate was simply divine - it reminded me an awful lot of Galaxy chocolate...milky, creamy and smooth with just a slight vanilla note. The walnut and coconut elements were fresh in flavour and had their typical strong nutty flavours. The walnuts were slightly woody in taste whilst the coconut had a slight milky edge...both were delicious. The raisin and apricot pieces also had refreshing full bodied flavours. In most fruit and nut bars the inclusion of raisins have tended to be relatively flavourless and not added anything to the bar...this wasnt the case here...the raisins had a nice slighty sugary fruity taste. The apricots also had a sweet fruity flavour and added a nice chewy element to the texture.

Overall this is definately the best tasting 'fruit & nut' bar on the market. Unfortunately due to its mediocre look and smell it dosent quite out score the Cadbury's Fruit & Nut - but if your looking solely tastewise you can do little wrong here. The organic nature of the ingredients makes for a fresh tasting full flavoured only slight qualm comes in that there are some slight issues with the proportioning of the ingredients...some blocks are packed full of fruit and nut whilst others are just plain chocolate...its not a major issue though and its one I can certainly live with. If your a fan of fruit and nut bars I definately recommend this bar...its a premiuim price - but its a premiuim taste...good work Montezuma's.

8.2 out of 10

May 23rd: M&M's Chocolate / Dark Chocolate / Almond

Over the past few days - with a helping hand from my chums at CandyPirate I have been sampling some of the remaining M&M lines I had not reviewed. Those of you who have been reading Chocolate Mission may recall that I have previously reviewed the 'Peanut', 'Crispy' and 'Peanut Butter' variants already - all to relative success with them all scoring in the upper 7s or low 8s.

Today sees me review the UK original 'choco' version and both the 'Dark Chocolate' & 'Almond' variants both of which are from the US (to get hold of them yourselves pay CandyPirate a visit!)

Kcal 212 Fat 9.6g Carbs 30.6g

I picked up this 45g bag of original 'chocolate' flavoured M&M's in my local newsagent - to my knowledge this variant is the main seller of the M&M's brand here in the UK. This single serving bag was plentiful and was more than adequete doing a job curing my hunger.

The packet as you can see above is very friendly looking though unfortunately did not give the product an overly fresh I later found with the other variants aswell the aroma was an issue throughout with the M&M's line - with none of them being overly appertising.

In appearace these were varied and colourful - Im always impressed with the look of M&M's..I find the variety of colours intresting and appealing on the eye - the embossed 'M' found on each one also adds to what is already a classy look.

I found the shells on these suprisingly dense and they gave each M&M a resounding crunch. The chocolate inside was smooth in texture especially when melted in the mouth - the resulting combination of these two textures was a pleasant one though nothing amazingly luxurious.

This variant definately had the strongest tasting outer shells - the flavour was very sweet and gave an after taste that semmed slightly saccharine based... which wasnt the nicest. Luckily the chocolate element was the strongest flavour and masked the slightly over sweetened outer layer - the chocolate tasted very milk based which made for a smooth but slightly bland taste.

Overall though far from being bad these are probably the least favourite of the entire range I have sampled so far. If it came to an 'either/or ' situation between these and Smarties..the Smarties would win every time as they just seemed to have a better tasting sugar coated layer and also Smarties have the added 'orange' flavour variant going on. As I said these are hardly a bad product but just suffer due to their being better alternatives on the market.

7.0 out of 10

Kcal 240 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 33.0g

As I said above these are currently only avalible in the US and came to me in a plentiful 47.9g packet. This was a larger serving size than any of the other single serving variants packets.. which was slighty suprising as you would expect with a dark chocolate product that the flavour would be richer - therefore meaning you would want slightly you can guess the large sized pack made for a hunger fufiling product.

I think we have established now that im a fan of the look of M&M's...these looked exactly the same as the original chocoate variant though with the slight edition of the word 'dark' which was printed under the familiar 'M'.

I found the smell of these disappointing in that it wasnt any different from the original M&Ms - a very faint sweet cocoa smell but that aside no noticeable 'dark chocolate' distinguishable aroma.

Though the ingredient list didnt specify a solids level the chocolate is described as 'semi sweet' and this was exaclty how it tasted. The chocolate was ever so slightly more bitter and when combined with the sugar coating had a slight nutty note. Texturewise the difference in chocolate type didnt affect the melting point of the inside chocolate and these still melted at a nice rate in the mouth.

Overall these wernt quite the dark chocolate experience I was quite hoping for. I personally would have preffered the flavour to be richer and more cocoa based, though I can understand to a certain extent to why this has been limited in this make a broader consumer based frendlier product...if it was darker in flavour it would probably be too niche for a mass market confectionary product. These are a nice variation from the original...which I personally prefer...they are a different proposition and worth a look at it.

7.5 out of 10

Kcal 200 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 21.0g

Another imported variant from the US and one that came in a 37.1g single serving packet. Compared to the rest of the range (especially the nut variants) these were the lowest in calories and saturated I guess if your going to have M&M's on a diet these are the ones to have.

As you can see above these were similar in look to the 'peanut' variant - though they were relatively bigger in size....with some even being about the size of 5/6 standard M&M's (or one mini creme egg if you would rather!).

Although still not overly impressive these had the best aroma of the range to date and offered a slight nutty smell. As you will probably be aware by now the smell really is something that let down the M&M's range as a whole.

The relative difference in size of these was accountable by the fact these contained whole almonds. Despite this the chocolate layer was still relatively thick - the flavour was still substantial enough to provide a nice smooth milky flavour. Of course the main focus of this product is the almond element...and it dosent let it down. The nuts provide a distinct crunchyness to the texture. They have a very pleasant nutty taste which has a slightly buttery flavour that differentiaties it from other nut containing bars which are normally all hazelnut.

Overall these are the best I have tasted in the M&M's range so far. The almond element is executed brilliantly..they taste fantastic and fresh and add a nice crunchy texture. The almonds definately benefit from being implemented in a 'whole nut' manner rather than a chopped/crushed manner that you find in alot of other bars that contain nuts. I whole heartedly recommend these to any M&M's or nuts fans.

8.3 out of 10

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May 22nd: Riesen

Kcal 170 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 28.0g (per 4)

Over the past few weeks I have had an ever increasing amount of requests to expand my Chocolate Mission journey further a field to sample some of Europes finest. Though I didnt have to import these (I found them in Gatwick Airport!) Riesen chocolates are made by Storck and are most commonly found in their country of origin Germany.

Riesen (pronounced 'Reason') chocolates are chocolate covered hard caramels and are sold in the forms of individually wrapped bar and bag forms. I sampled these in two 52.5g bars comprising of 5 chocolates. I ate them leisurely over the course of two days...mostly with my morning/afternoon cups of coffee and inbetween meals...bassically fitting a purpose as a nice chocolaty snack...which it did rather nicely. In appeareance they arent the most exciting though the wrapper of the product is quite smart and pleasing on the eye.

Im going to give you all a tip not...i repeat DO NOT under any cicrumstances put these anywhere near a fridge....not unless you would like cracked teeth that is. I decribed these as 'hard caramels' for a reason and its because they are hard! As with all the candy I eat I chose to store these in the fridge at first which certainly proved to be a hell of an error when I ate my first one....they were rock solid and impossible to eat...little advice store these at room temperature!

When I did get around to enjoying these in their correct state I was on the whole impressed. Despite being a slightly darker positioned chocolate proposition (45% Cocoa solids) they had a pleasant sweet chocolate smell. The chocolate had a smooth texture that melted in the mouth nicely. Tastewise it had a nice sweet creamy taste that had the slightest burnt like note that gave it a slightly darker flavour.

The hard caramel centres are the key focus of the product and are the dominating flavour due to their firm texture. They are very chewy... but not overly so - my favoured method of eating these was placing one in my mouth and letting the chocolate slowly melt away from the caramel centre enjoying that flavour first...I then slowly sucked away at the hard caramel centre - glorious. The caramel struck a nice balance of being sweet and buttery and had a slight hint of saltyness - its flavour was neither too strong or too weak and seemed to strike a nice balance.

Overall these are a nice snacking chocolate that I really enjoyed having a few of time to time. Due to the nature of their texture I wouldnt overly recommend sitting down with a big bag of these and eating your way through ten in a sitting...not if you dont want jaw ache that is :D ... however enjoyed in context...a few at a time these are great tasting enjoyable chocolates. They have a slightly darker positioning chocolatewise but maintain a sweet creamy taste that I believe can be enjoyed by all. If your a fan of caramel then I would very much recommend these to you.

8.1 out of 10

May 21st: Hershey's Kissables

Kcal 200 Fat 10.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 30.0g

Another day and another helping hand on my Chocolate Mission from my friends at CandyPirate who provided me with todays reviewed Hershey's Kissables.

These are much along the same premise as Nestle Smarties and Mars M&Ms in that they are sugar coated chocolate pieces. I sampled these in a well proportioned and hunger fufilling 42g individual serving bag...this seemed just the right amount to me.

As you can see above these were certinaly colourful and each piece had a particularly vibrant appearance. Looking at the ingredients list these have been achieved of course using artifical colours, however I think this can excused as I cant see what harm they could potentially cause - besides they give the product a glam, fun and unique asthetic look.

Opening the bag I cant say I particularly enjoyed the smell that was a rather stagnant cocoa smell that really wasnt the most appertising...they just didnt smell the freshest product and this may have been down to the lack of foil wrapping.

Texturewise these were good. The outer shell had a nice thick crunch when bitten into and provided a nice variation of textures with the smooth chocolate encased inside. My preferred method of eating these was much the same as when I reviewed Smarties...taking 3-4 at a time and letting them slowly heat up in my mouth so the chocolate inside the shells melted - I then bit into the pieces releasing the melted chocolate...mmm delish! The only slight disappointment in texture came in the fact that some of the sugary shells grated the inside of my mouth as they had a slight grainy surface...though this has to be said this wasnt a major issue.

Tastewise as with M&Ms the outside shell was relativly tasteless apart from a slight sweet taste. The chocolate contained inside was of standard Hersheys quality - very sweet but milky and smooth tasting. Though these as a whole were quite a sweet product, as I have said the42g serving seemed just about the right amount - though I must say anymore and the flavour may have become overly sweet and sickly.

Overall these are quite an acquired taste as with most Hershey's but I really quite enjoyed them. The smell of the product really let it down in the scoring matrix but this aiside they have a unique fun look and have all the same qualities of nicely contrasting textures as you find in Smarties and the M&Ms range. I would recommend these to anyone who is a fan of the aforementioned or anyone who generally enjoys Hershey's chocolate.

7.2 out of 10

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