January 11th: Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Fudge

Kcal 220 Fat 10.8g Fat(sats) 7.4g Carbs 29.6g 

The market has been crying out for this bar, and I just can't quite believe Marks & Spencer are the first to deliver it. When I reviewed the Cadbury Fudge the main conclusion that I came to was that it was a great tasting bar, just it needed to be at least twice the size. I think this is a pretty general consensus, but Cadbury are yet to act on this .... enter Marks & Spencer!! This milk chocolate fudge bar was in essence a larger version of the Cadbury Fudge, and was billed as a 'milk chocolate bar with fudge centre'.

Although weighing in at another 20.0g larger than the 25.0g Cadbury Fudge, this bar still didn't prove to be the most substantial of products. I liked the decoration of the wrapper - it was simple in design, yet I thought the yellow and brown colours and clear font communicated the contents well. The bar itself looked absolutely fantastic - if you look at the cross-section above you will be able to see the fudge was a lovely golden colour, whilst the chocolate had a nice looking rippled effect throughout. I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma - as I opened the wrapper I was met with some fantastic sweet, caramel like scents that I found very tempting. 

This bar wasn't complex in its flavours, but they did deliver a very enjoyable overall taste. The 30% cocoa mins outer milk chocolate was reasonably thick and established a pleasant milky, chocolaty base flavour to the bar. One of the most enjoyable aspects was the way the smooth milk chocolate melted to reveal the contrastive texture of the fudge centre. The fudge had a firm feel, though was actually quite light interms of its density. The taste of the fudge was delightful, it was dominated by strong butter and cream flavours that quickly established themelves. The only disappointing thing about this bar really was the longevity of the flavours - they simply just didn't last long enough and failed to leave a lasting impression in the mouth. 

Overall the execution of this bar was relativelly well done, and if it had just been that little more fulfilling it would have been a well rounded product. The milk chocolate was of a fair standard, it wasn't the most flavoursome chocolate ever, but it substantiated an enjoyable milky base flavour. I really enjoyed the fudge centre - it provided a satisfying array of buttery, sweet flavours, that if only were more wholly satisfying would have been truly excellent. If you enjoy the Cadbury Fudge but always wish it was larger, then this is a product I whole heartidly recommend. 

7.8 out of 10