January 12th: Lindt Mexican Spice Magic Chilli

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Having very much enjoyed the simply superb Lindt Excellence Chilli at the back end of last year, I was pretty excited when I received this Lindt Mexican Spice Magic Chilli bar from Dean-German-Grocery. Formed of 'dark chocolate flavoured with chilli, vanilla and cinnamon', this sounded not only like a bar that was packed full of flavour, but also a pretty unique proposition.

The product came in a 100.0g bar that I ate over the standard two 50.0g servings. This particular bar didn't seem to belong to any sub-sector of the Lindt product range - it had no Excellence branding etc. Despite this I still thought the packaging and product were well presented. The packaging was decorated with stylish looking gold font printed on a red and white background, the Mexican cultural theme was also incorporated well through the on-pack images. The chocolate was kept in pristine condition in a foil layer. Not only did this maintain the fantastically fragrant spicy, chocolaty smell but it also kept the actual chocolate clean and unblemished in its appearance.

My only concern before tasting this bar was that some of the added ingredients might dominate the others. Thankfully this wasn't the case - at different stages throughout the melt each of the vanilla, cinnamon and chilli elements came to the fore of the taste. This was a chocolate that showed real flavour progression; upon first entering the mouth the chocolate established a cocoa driven chocolaty base flavour that had strong notes of vanilla. As the smooth, thick melt progressed the chilli grew in significance adding a nice warmth to the melt - it really gave the bar an additional interest to its texture. The cinnamon was heavily detectable in the aftertaste. The chocolate wasn't overly strong, but the spicy cinnamon left a longing flavour in the mouth which made this a quite fulfilling chocolate. This was certainly a chocolate that was interchangeable in its taste - by and large though it was a very enjoyable experience.

Overall just as I expected this was a chocolate that was crammed full of flavour, the taste of the bar never seemed to stand still and was ever developing. Whilst this was largely satisfying and in a way exciting, I must admit I do have a slight preference for the more focused taste of the Lindt Excellence Chilli. Saying that I think this would be the perfect bar for someone who wants to experience the warmth of chilli in chocolate, but not necessarilly the taste - the vanilla and cinnamon made this a far friendlier tasting bar than most others with chilli implemented. This was yet another good quality, unique product from Lindt - recommended!

8.3 out of 10