January 14th: Chocca Mocca Dark Chocolate Espresso

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I had never heard of the Chocca Mocca brand before, but I found this bar accommodating part of the confectionery shelf in my local Waitrose. Given my love for chocolate and coffee combinations I simply couldn't turn down the opportunity to try this combination of 'dark chocolate and real coffee nibs'. I have recently tried some absolutely outstanding chocolate coffee combinations, so I was intrigued to see if this could at least compete.

The bar was a pretty huge 72.0g - given that it was a dark chocolate bar, as you can imagine this was a very plentiful serving,  I didn't manage to consume the bar all in one go. I really liked the look of the packaging - it was very simplistic, but at the same time very classy. The white exterior paper wrapper looked very sleek and well designed, the inner gold foil was tightly wrapped and kept the product looking in pristine condition. The chocolate itself was presented well - each block was a nice size and had a intricate bit of design work integrated to the top of each piece. The chocolate smelt very appetising - some strong cocoa and coffee scents were ever present upon opening the foil layer.

The dark chocolate was of a 58% cocoa recipe and really provided a fantastically balanced taste. Given the extra bitterness from the coffee nibs this wasn't a bar that needed an extremely intense chocolate - the chocolate implemented here was a near perfect strength. It had quite a striking cocoa impact initially, though the taste mellowed to a more subdued smooth taste with an element of sweetness in its long sustained aftertaste. The real shining star of the bar were the coffee nibs. Not only did they add a wonderful extra burst of fresh coffee to the taste, but they also added an element of interest to the texture with their crunchy nature. The balance between the chocolate and coffee flavours was very much to my liking - it made for an incredibly rich and satisfying chocolate.

Overall I was really quite surprised by this bar, it was a real bolt out the blue and provided a highly enjoyable bar of chocolate. This product reminded me of the Cadbury Bournville Deeply Dark, another one of my favourite chocolate coffee combinations. This bar combined a good quality dark chocolate and wonderfully flavouresome coffee element to great effect, ultimately delivering a highly luxurious offering. If you ever chance upon one of these bars it is highly worth trying - I would really recommend this to chocolate coffee fans. 

8.4 out of 10