January 16th: Milka Delicate & Dark Strong Arabica Coffee

Kcal 555 Fat 40.5g Carbs 39.5g (per 100.0g)

My first experience with the Milka Delicate & Dark range hardly got off to a flier with my review of the Black Pepper variant. Luckily Dean-German-Grocery were kind enough to also send along this Strong Arabica Coffee variant in the same package. Comprised of '50% cocoa solids Milka chocolate and ground coffee (2.8%)' this sounded far more to my liking.

The bar came in the same impressive looking packaging, and in a 100.0g bar. The cardboard covering included the usual Milka purple theme, though used a golden font to effectively establish a more premium look. The chocolate itself was wrapped in a gold foil that protected the chocolate well - the surface was unblemished and decorated nicely with a clean cut Milka logo on each piece. The bar had a terrific smell, the coffee was very evident and made its presence instantly known once the foil layer was opened.

Much like in the Black Pepper variant, the 50% milk chocolate was very flavoursome. It was far less sweet than the typical Milka Alpine Milk, with the cocoa intensity noticeably amplified. Despite the overall taste of the chocolate being stronger it was still relatively friendly, and nowhere near what I would describe as bitter. Although the chocolate was more pronounced than in the standard Milka bars, the coffee was by far the dominant flavour of the bar. As the wonderfully smooth melt of the chocolate progressed the influence of the coffee seemed to grow and grow - it tasted absolutely divine. The coffee wasn't as strong or sharp as the taste of an espresso, though you could almost taste the delicious roasted flavours of the beans. This bar was well on its way to being what I would say was one my favourite chocolate and coffee combinations, however the aftertaste left quite a strong acidic type note in the mouth. It didn't really effect my overall enjoyment of the chocolate, though it was a real shame the taste wasn't rounded off nicely.

Overall this bar was very close indeed to really challenging the upper tier of ChocolateMission, though just fell short due to a minor undesirable aftertaste. I am not sure that most people will prefer the unsweetened chocolate, though I found it largely preferable to the standard Alpine Milk chocolate. Forgetting the slightly acrid aftertaste, the coffee element was absolutely superb and provided a hugely enjoyable strong taste. If you enjoy chocolate of a less sweet nature, and are a fan of coffee this bar will be right up your street.

8.6 out of 10