January 17th: Sarotti No.1 Mexico Chilli

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Every now and again Dean-German-Grocery like to send me some of their own favourite German goods to review along with the other more mainstream Milka and Ritter Sport products they send me. A major favourite with the folks at Dean-German-Grocery is a brand called Sarotti. Sarotti are quite a well known established brand in Germany and are based in Berlin. Today I sampled their 'No.1 Mexico Chilli' bar, a dark chocolate that included 'roughly and finely grounded chilli pods'.

I ate this 100.0g bar in two separate 50.0 servings, which provided me with two adequately fulfilling snacks. The presentation of the product was a bit hit and miss. The outer packaging was well presented, with the product clearly communicated through both the picture and on-pack description. I wasn't all that impressed with the look of the chocolate itself though. Despite being protected within a foil layer, the surface appeared dusty and not very fresh looking, which rather spoilt the quite intricate looking design work. The bar had a relatively strong aroma that made its presence known once the foil seal was broken. The cocoa made the dominant contribution, though there was a slight hint of a spicy undertone.

This was a really hard bar to rate as I felt it did some things really well, and others really poorly. Despite its 66% cocoa solids recipe the chocolate really wasn't that forthcoming in its flavours, and took what seemed like forever to deliver a taste of any real note. It wasn't until the melt was really quite progressed that the real flavours of the cocoa came through. Even then they seemed quite subdued, and not all that imposing, offering little more than a quite mellow, unsweetened chocolaty taste. So what did this bar do well??? ... its implementation of the chilli was really quite well done. In comparison to other chilli bars, the chilli in this bar had a sweeter impact on the taste, and had a longing presence in the mouth. The chilli also saved the rather lazy melt of the chocolate, adding an extra level of interest with its warming effect.

Overall as aforementioned this was certainly a bar with its ups and downs. The dark chocolate simply wasn't the best ... in fact nowhere near the best, and was largely in debt to the chilli element from saving it from real mediocrity. Quite frankly there are better dark chocolate and chilli bars combinations out there. You need only look as far as the Lindt Excellenc Chilli to see how this bar should have been done. This isn't a product I would tell you to go out your way to try, I am hoping for far more from the Sarotti range next time I try one of their products.

7.3 out of 10