January 18th: Eat Natural Almonds Apricots & Yoghurt

Kcal 228 Fat 12.4g Fat(sats) 8.2g Carbs 26.4g

Though this bar doesn't actually contain any cocoa, I simply cant turn down a request, and my recent pledge to look at 'lighter choices' on the confectionery market has led me in the direction of the Eat Natural brand. Eat Natural products contain no added preservatives, and only contain 'the best, wholesome ingredients'. Today I decided to start my look at the range with the Almonds, Apricots and Yogurt variant, a bar that I have tried a few times before.

The bar came in a 50.0g size that looked a lot larger than the fulfillment it actually provided. I thought the bar looked quite enticing - the wrapper nicely conveyed the natural aspects of the bar, whilst its largely transparent nature showed off the magnificent fruit and nut pieces that sat under the yogurt coating. The product had a reasonably enjoyable aroma, it was largely dominated by the sweet scents of the coating, though minor fruity, nut scents could be detected.  

As previously mentioned this was a bar I'd had a few times before, so I was already quite a fan. The yogurt coating fused the bar well, and delivered a delightful combination of strong milky, vanilla tones. In coherence with its yogurt billing, the coating had a lasting and pleasant tang in its aftertaste. Beneath the coating lay the almonds, apricots, rice ingredients, all of which contributed nicely to the overall taste. The apricots were sweet and fruity and had a pleasant chewiness. The almond pieces were implemented whole, which meant they generated some strong buttery flavours. One thing that was noticeable was that they weren't the most crunchy almonds ever, and added more of an undesirable squeaky texture. The other most noticeable element to the taste was the coconut, which further added a degree of milky nuttiness. The mixture of all these constituents made for a delightful bar, though as I have said considering it size, it wasn't quite as satisfying as I thought it might be. 

Overall this is one of my favourite snack bars, though I must admit it is not without its shortcomings. The yogurt element was nicely flavoured and provided a creamy, but slightly tangy, pleasant coating. The inner apricot and fruit pieces were all bursting with flavour, and really made for a varied and enjoyable overall taste. To be honest looking at the fat content of this bar, it is not particularly what I would consider a lighter option - in actual fact it contains more fat than a lot of bars I have reviewed. Regardless this was a nice change up from a standard chocolate bar, and is certainly worth a try if your a fan of cereal bars. 

7.8 out of 10