January 21st: Marks & Spencer Millionaire Shortbread

Kcal 450 Fat 18.3g Fat(sats) 5.9g Carbs 66.9 (per 100.0g) 

It seems lately that I have been on a one man mission to save Marks & Spencer from the credit crunch. In the last few weeks I have been finding myself all too often in my local M&S food hall, not only checking out their divine selection of sandwiches, but also their confectionery range. Today I picked out this 'Millionaire Shortbread' bar, which was comprised of 'all butter shortbread covered in a layer of caramel and milk chocolate'. One look at the nutritional information all but confirmed this was a bar of pure indulgence. 

The product came in a huge 65.0g serving that provided a really fulfilling snack. The packaging was pretty no frills, with the bar only protected by a transparent plastic wrapping. Although this was a little basic looking, the bar itself looked fantastic. The shortbread was golden, the caramel thick and the chocolate unblemished and smooth looking - it looked magnificent. The bar smelt hugely enticing. As soon as I opened the plastic packaging I was presented with some buttery, biscuity sweet smells that were extremely alluring.

This thankfully wasn't a product purely about its looks and smell - it tasted just as good as well. The shortbread was divine and had a full flavoured, butter led taste that was complimented superbly by the sweetness of the brown sugar. Above the shortbread sat the caramel layer, which added a wonderful set of fudge like flavours. The caramel also added a hint of saltiness, that really contrasted well with the overriding sweetness to the taste. The milk chocolate formed the upper part of the bar and was of a reasonably good quality. It didn't really stand out in and amongst the caramel and shortbread, though it still brought a chocolaty context to the overall taste. The combination of all three layers certainly made for a very sweet taste, though it was incredibly moreish. Saying that the 65.0g certainly pushed the boundaries of what I could consume in one sitting.  

Overall this is one of those products that if you ate everyday you would soon become tired of it. Eaten as the occasional treat though, this is truly a luxurious tasting product that I would highly recommend. The blend of the caramel and shortbread was simply superb, and combined the sweet, buttery flavours of each with a fantastic salty moreishness. The chocolate could have been more prominent , though it still provided a reasonable influence to the overall taste. I found this to be both a really enjoyable, as well as a very satisfying bar. 

8.6 out of 10