January 22nd: Ritter Sport 71% Fine Extra Dark Chocolate

Kcal 558 Fat 44.6g Fat(sats) 28.5g Carbs 31.0g (per 100.0g)

A couple of weeks ago in my review of the Ritter Sport Organic 60% Dark, I mentioned that Dean-German-Grocery had sent me this 71% Fine Extra Dark bar. I decided not to do a direct comparison of the two bars as I thought they would have had very different crafting and recipe properties. I am guessing ... well hoping, that from the title you have managed to gather this was in fact a dark chocolate variant which contained 71% cocoa solids min.

This bar was delivered in the standard 100.0g size, and provided me with two very fulfilling servings. I was a little surprised at the choice of colour for the packaging, the quite vivid pink colour was personally not a colour I would have chosen to represent the strongest bar in the Ritter Sport range ...what the hell at least it stood out. The chocolate itself was beautifully presented, the surface had a nice shine to it, and the Ritter Sport logos looked extremely well cut into the surface. The presentation wasn't let down by the smell, the bar released some fantastically rich smelling cocoa scents upon opening the wrapper.

My preconception that this bar would be quite different to the Ritter Sport Organic 60% bar proved a bit inaccurate. I perceived only a slight variation in the overall taste, with this bar having a slightly more intense cocoa edge. Despite being described as 'Extra Dark', the creamy background was still present, and provided the same pleasant complimentary base tones to the forthcoming cocoa flavours. The texture was wonderfully smooth, and melted at a nice rate, with the taste growing in intensity as the chocolate developed in its melt. The aftertaste was firmer in comparison to the Organic bar, and had less impetuous placed on the vanilla flavour, and more on the cocoa. It left an even greater impression in the mouth, and just made the bar that little bit richer.

Overall this was a good standard dark chocolate, though like its Organic 60% Dark counterpart just slightly lacked the definition in its flavours to really challenge the upper tier of the dark chocolate ranks. Despite its strongly concentrated 71% formulation, its intensity didn't mirror this; the cocoa flavours were forthcoming but were largely controlled and rounded by the strong creamy undertone. I ever so slightly preferred this bar to the Organic 60% Dark as the aftertaste was a little longer lasting, though to be honest there was very little difference between the two.

8.5 out of 10