January 23rd: Munchies Munchies

Kcal 504 Fat 25.3g Fat(sats) 16.4g Carbs 64.7g (per 100.0g)

I am trying very hard not to start off with a rant but I just can't quite help myself - who the hell came up with the name for this product?!! I'm sorry, but to put it extremely mildly the marketing team behind 'Munchies Munchies' hardly struck gold with that name - its terrible. Having not particularly enjoyed my last pack of Munchies I have been pretty reticent to trying these; when I saw them on offer in Tesco for 89p though I hardly felt like I could put them off any longer. These 'Munchies Munchies' came billed as 'milk chocolates with soft caramel and crisp biscuit centres'.

I bought these in a 150.0g pouch that contained several miniature pieces about two thirds the size of the standard Munchies cubes. The outer packaging was presented well enough. Branding aside I thought the pouch made use of a nice contrast of red and orange colours and the pictures exhibited the product well. I was less impressed with the look of the pieces themselves - like I found with the standard Munchies the chocolate had a very dusty looking surface, they simply just didn't look fresh. Opening the pouch I was met with a very sweet smell. The aroma did have hints of cocoa and caramel that gave it a relative appeal unlike its aesthetic appearance. 

In comparison to the standard Munchies I found these smaller sized pieces preferable for two main reasons. Firstly I liked the dome shape - the pieces fitted nicely in the mouth which meant they could either be eaten singly or a few at time with relative ease and comfort. Secondly I thought the smaller pieces were superior as the caramel content was lowered whilst the biscuit piece remained the same size, this thankfully gave it more prevalence in the overall taste. Given that both the chocolate and caramel were as disappointing as in the standard Munchies, the greater presence of the biscuit was highly preferable. Unfortunately the chocolate was grainy and lacking flavour, whilst the caramel was only a little better with its overly sweetened, sugar rooted taste. The lack of meaningful flavours from the pieces meant these were a largely unfulfilling experience.

Overall even though I would say these were preferable to the standard Munchies, I still think they are far from being a good product. The chocolate was of a similar poor quality and the only reason I perceived the caramel as more bearable was because there was simply less of it. The biscuit pieces were as enjoyable as ever, but this was of little relevance given the poorness of the other elements. This seems to be just another mindless brand extension, and a product of little thought - you need only look as far as the name for evidence. Although slightly superior to the original Munchies - I personally still wouldn't recommend either. 

6.1 out of 10