January 24th: Sarotti Creme de Cacao

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

You may recall a week or so ago that I was hardly bowled over with the Sarotti No. 1 Mexico Chilli bar. I said in that review that I was hoping for more from the next Sarotti product I was going to try. Well thanks to Dean-German-Grocery I didn't have to wait long, as today I sampled the Sarotti Creme de Cacao - a 'milk chocolate bar with a cocoa cream filling'.

The bar came in a 100.0g form that was broken down into 24 rather small looking blocks. Like I do with most 100.0g bars I split the bar in half and ate them in separate sittings - both provided relatively fulfilling snacks. I liked the all round aesthetics of the product - the outer packaging had a nice design, and showed off the nature of creme filling nicely. As I said the actual chocolate blocks themselves looked a bit small, though each was still branded intricately with the Sarotti logo. The chocolate was contained within a branded foil layer that released a very sweet smelling cocoa smell when opened.

The chocolate contained 32% cocoa solids min, which I thought was a little low sounding. It came as no surprise when I read that sugar headlined the ingredients, though the bar had more of a dried milk sweetness to it rather than a raw sugar based one. The outer chocolate substantiated a very dominant set of milky flavours, though the cocoa influence was forever present as a constant undertone. The distinction between the outer chocolate and inner filling could be detected in both taste and texture. The outer chocolate was slower to melt and firmer in its density. The cream filling was not only softer, but it had a creamier taste, that just had the smallest hint of salt. The resulting taste was a very pleasant one, and was really quite unique with its sweet milky flavours - if I had to liken it to any other bar it would be the Milka Alpine Milk Cream.

Overall this was a far better showing from the Sarotti brand, and this was a bar that I got a great deal of enjoyment from. The chocolate was led largely by a powdered milk taste that was not only creamy tasting, but also had a delightful sweetness. The textures were wonderfully delivered with the slow more methodical melt of the outer chocolate complimenting, the lighter, faster melting filling superbly. Some may find the sweet flavours a bit overbearing, but for fans of Milka, Ritter Sport chocolate this is a bar right up your street.

8.0 out of 10