January 25th: Conscious Chocolate Yummy Mummy

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

The Conscious range has proven itself to be much differentiated from many other chocolate brands and has delivered some fantastically enjoyable bars thus far for me to review. This Yummy Mummy variant certainly offered something no other brand I have come across before and was formed of raw chocolate with spices, Yacon root and Lucuma. Now those of you who don't have a foggiest what Yacon root or Lucuma are, I can tell you that Yacon is a perennial plant and Lucuma is a subtropical fruit - fancy huh!? Still confused see HERE & HERE.

The bar came in a nicely sized 40.0g serving - of course I still was none to impressed with the packaging, which as you can see above was basic to say the least. The chocolate looked relatively unimpressive, though the small pieces of Yacon and Lucuma could be seen dispersed throughout. As with the rest of the Conscious range the smell of the product was a real strength, and the forthcoming cocoa scents really whet my appetite.

One thing that is consistent with all Conscious products is the quality of the chocolate - again here it was superb. It had a delightful set of flavoursome but not overbearing fudgy, cocoa tones that really left a longing taste in the mouth. As the melt of the chocolate progressed these flavours became increasingly strong, which is always a nice effect. To be honest as I wasn't able to distinguish the taste between the Yacon and Lucuma beforehand, I couldn't honestly tell you what sort of flavours each individually brought to the table. Combined the small pieces brought a sweet, apple like taste, that was fair but not overly inspiring. To be honest the smallness of the pieces meant they partially ruined the texture of the chocolate, and made it somewhat gritty. On the whole the rich flavours of the chocolate meant this was a largely satisfying bar.

Overall this was a nice chocolate bar, though I must admit the Yacon and Lucuma were hardly the best tasting fillings. Original? ... Definitely! ... Great tasting? ... Not particularly! It was not that they tasted bad, they had a sweet, fruity appeal but just really didn't seem to be that greater combination with the chocolate. Although I was hardly bowled over by this bar, I am all for companies trying different combinations of ingredients; for this reason I suggest if your curious you give this product a try.

7.6 out of 10