January 25th: Kraft Chips Ahoy Snak Pak

Kcal 170 Fat 8.0g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 24.0g

Excuse me for taking another slight diversion in my mission to find the best chocolate bar in the world, but when offered the chance to review a pack of these Chips Ahoy Mini Cookies by Geraldine at Yankee Soda & Candy I simply couldn't resist. Whenever I used to visit the US when I was younger I could never get enough of these, and I always used to bring back several packs with me. Before today though I hadn't had a Chips Ahoy cookie for a good few years, so I was looking forward to once again tasting these chocolate chip little treats.

Yankee Soda & Candy sent me a 35.0g pack of mini Chips Ahoy, which made nicely for a pretty standard snack that I ate during one afternoon. I must admit I groaned out loud in despair when I saw the branding .... 'Snak Paks' ... no wonder kids seem so dumb nowadays, why on earth would you miss the 'C's out? Maybe this is just me showing my age :D !? Anyway that aside the presentation was pretty good. The mini cookies came in a foil packet that ensured a nice freshness to the product. When I opened the small bag I was met with a lovely wave of sweet, biscuity smells that even had a nice indicative hint of cocoa. I was delighted to find that all the cookies were in a good condition, and looked relatively twee in their 'mini' form.

So did they taste as good as I remembered? In short ... yes! Chips Ahoy don't quite deliver the taste of freshly baked cookies, though this is unsurprising given their mass production and worldwide distribution. The cookie base was just how I remembered - very sweet and wheaty with hints of both brown sugar and salt. Of course as you would expect with cookies they had a delightfully fresh crunchiness, though the slight moistness generated by the melt of the chocolate chips made for a highly enjoyable addition to the dry base texture. The unsweetened nature of the chocolate chips also still seemed highly suited given that they delivered a forthcoming set of cocoa flavours, though did not add to the already quite sweet taste. One criticism I still have is with the taste longevity, which I again found quite lacking ... I guess that is just what makes them so moreish.

Overall these are definitely one of my favourite cookies/biscuits, and they tasted just as good now as they did when I was younger. The mixture of the sweet cookie base and plain chocolate chips make for a good combination, but it must be said that if the overall taste were to sustain itself that little bit longer in the mouth it would really make quite a difference. If you like your cookies or are an avid biscuit eater I would suggest getting yourself familiar with Chips Ahoy.

7.8 out of 10