January 26th: Galaxy Chocolate Muffin

Kcal 390 Fat 21.8g Carbs 44.0g

Given both my love for muffins and love for Galaxy milk chocolate, I couldn't help but give one of these Galaxy chocolate muffins a review. Described as a 'chocolate muffin filled with chocolate cream and covered in Galaxy milk chocolate', this product contained a whopping 390 calories and 21.8g of fat. This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I started off the month looking at the 'lighter choices' on the chocolate market - woops! 

The muffin weighed in at a stonking 86.0g, and provided a pretty sufficient option for breakfast - I certainly didn't get the 11am munchies. The outer packaging was relatively good looking - as you can see above it incoporated the usual Galaxy theme, though included McVities branding as the actual muffin was baked by them. I must admit I was a little underwhelmed by the look of the muffin. It was nicely protected in a transparent tray, but it didn't really look all that impressive either straight out the pack or when cross-sectioned; it could have done with a decorative logo or sprinkles on top to just make it that bit more aesthetically imposing. One thing that was certainly was striking was the delightful smell. Sweet, fresh cakey scents emerged as soon as the muffin was released from its plastic wrapper - yum! 

There was no doubting that this muffin tasted superb - but it could have just been a little more generous in some of its elements. The cake part of the muffin tasted pleasant, yet unspectacular. Unsurprisingly it dominated the taste of most mouthfuls due to it being present in a far greater proportion than the rest of the constituents. It had a nice doughy taste that was awash with strong notes of vanilla and sugar. It was perhaps a little dry in its texture, though where present the chocolate cream quickly make amends for this. The chocolate cream tasted fantastic - it was sweet, chocolaty and ever so creamy - it just unfortunately wasn't quite portioned generously enough, and was only present in the odd bite. The Galaxy chocolate melted on top was also a very welcome edition. It gave the top half of the muffin a very pleasant crispness when bitten into, whilst also providing a very enjoyable creamy chocolaty burst.

Overall this was a very enjoyable spin-off from Mars, and certainly provided a product that was worthy of the Galaxy branding. As mentioned above I would have liked to have seen the chocolate cream, and melted chocolate on top more generously portioned, as the bites where they were present were by far the most enjoyable. This was a fantastic product, and one that I would very much recommend if you have a love for muffins and Galaxy chocolate. I wouldn't suggest you have one of these a day, but as the occasional treat these are a nice proposition. 

7.9 out of 10