January 29th: Snickers 'The Lot'

Kcal 265 Fat 15.2g Fat(sats) 7.8g Carbs 26.9g

Snickers has to be the brand with the most spin offs ever - we have had the ChargedDark,Rockin' Nut Road ... you name I have reviewed it! Today I tried the latest bar on offer from Mars  - Snicker's 'The Lot', a bar all the way from Australia. This bar was "packed with a pile of stuff", and came described as 'crispy pieces in a thick cream, caramel, sprinkled with heaps of nuts, covered in chocolate'. I had been looking to review this bar for a good while before I got the chance to do so today, so my expectations were pretty high.

The bar came in a 50.0g serving and provided a pretty hefty snack option. The product was well presented in a aesthetically pleasing foil wrapper, though it did exhibit the usual idiotic Snickers branding "Get Some Nuts!!" ... hmmm! I thought the bar itself looked pretty good, it looked a lot like the Reese's Nutrageous bar, though the inner cream filling looked lighter in its viscosity, and the caramel greater in presence. I was somewhat disappointed with the smell of the product, it didn't have the usual nutty smell of Snickers, but emanated a more subtle sweet, diary led smell.  

As you can imagine the chocolate wasn't of the highest quality ever, but then again Snickers bars have never been about exquisite chocolate. It wasn't the best, yet it still provided a pleasant enough coating to the bar with its predominantly milky flavours. Studded within the chocolate were small chopped pieces of peanuts. They lacked the usual crunchiness and really full on nutty flavours of the standard Snickers bars, though they were still highly prominent in the aftertaste. Beneath the chocolate lay the caramel and cream layers, which combined offered a fantastic combination of flavours. The caramel was very generously portioned and added the usual sweet, buttery flavours. The cream layer included rice crispy pieces, though these only added a crispness to the texture, and were largely lost in the wonderful creamy vanilla flavours. The convergence of so many different elements made for a very satisfying bar that was very varied in all its flavours.   

Overall this was far from being the best variant from the Snickers range, though it was still a very enjoyable one. The chopped nature of the nuts meant they didn't quite have the same sort of impact on the taste, but they were still very giving to the overall flavour. Similarly the replacement of the usual nougat for the lighter cream filling was subsequently detrimental, however again the cream filling was reasonably enjoyable in its own right. This isn't a 'must try' bar, but it is one I am sure a lot of Snickers fans will understandably want to get acquainted with.

8.1 out of 10