January 2nd: Niederegger Lubeck Marzipan Dark Chocolate Loaf

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I reviewed the Niederegger Lubeck Marzipan Classic bar last month and really enjoyed it, so I needed little in the way of encouragement to try this 'loaf' variant that I found in my local Tesco. The wrapper didn't actually proclaim the level of marzipan, however it did state that the bar was 45% almonds, which was the most heavilly portioned ingredient. This bar was simply a big loaf of marzipan with an outer dark chocolate layer - given the quality of the marzipan in the Classic bar format I was eagerly anticipating trying this. 

This loaf came in a 75.0g serving that did me well for three servings. The presentation was top class - really up there with the best of them. The bar was first cellophane wrapped, then wrapped in a paper/foil type layer. The outer packaging looked both classy and authentic, but what really struck me was the bar itself. It was beautifully preserved in the wrapper with no signs of any cracking or blemishes on the surface. When cross-sectioned it truly revealed the wealth of the marzipan, it looked absolutely fantastic. Aesthetically it looked brilliant, though the smell wasn't quite as spectacular. The bar offered a minor cocoa scent, though to be honest I was expecting more in the way of a nut centric almond smell.

This is a funny way of putting it, but this bar did all the good things that the Classic bar did, but even better. Conversely it did all the bad things of the Classic bar, and did them even worse. Lets get the bad things out the way - the dark chocolate was simply just not a factor in the overall taste. What with the loaf format, I guess this was to be expected, but the 50% dark chocolate was thinly portioned, and failed to generate much of a flavour base even where most present. Enough of the bad stuff though, because this was simply a fantastic product. The marzipan was simply luxurious - I was expecting with such a thick block that its flavours would be overly sweet - but this just simply wasn't the case. The texture was delightfully moist yet crumbly, and it had a delicious buttery, almond taste. The aftertaste of the marzipan could be well and truly savoured, with the flavours leaving a long lasting impression in the mouth. Although the taste was incredibly moreish, the density of the bar made it very fulfilling.

Overall this is a product I simply cannot recommend enough. Its definitely not perfect - much like I found with the Classic bar the dark chocolate needs a bit of work. On the other hand the quality of the marzipan was simply out of this world. As I said in my review of the Classic bar, I am no real proponent of marzipan, but this was divine. The buttery, almond taste was wonderfully delivered through the thick crumbly centre - it was both moreish and satisfying what more can you ask for!? Christmas may be gone, but even if you aren't a fan of marzipan I urge you to give this a try.

8.7 out of 10