January 30th: Mars Muffin

Kcal 367 Fat 18.6g Carbs 45.9g

Having reviewed the Galaxy chocolate muffin a few days ago, it would have been rude not to give this Mars Muffin the similar treatment. This product provided much the same premise, and constituted of 'a chocolate muffin with a caramel filling, covered in milk chocolate'. People on your January diets look away now .... much like its Galaxy equivalent this muffin contained a pretty huge 367 calories, as well as 18.6g of fat.

The muffin came in a 82.0g size that provided a highly fulfilling mid-afternoon snack. The outer packaging used the standard Mars design, though like the Galaxy muffin included McVities branding. Yet again I thought more could have been done with the presentation of the actual muffin. When cross-sectioned the golden caramel added a bit of interest - but on the whole it was still a little lacking aesthetically. Where the looks fell short, the smell more than made up for. The muffin smelt wonderfully fresh, with sweet cakey scents apparent as soon as the packaging was opened. 

The main cake part of the muffin tasted no different to the Galaxy muffin. It had a sweet doughy flavour that had a strong undertone of vanilla. Once again the muffin was crying out for the caramel filling and melted chocolate to be more generously portioned. The sweet, buttery taste of the caramel filling was superb, and its moistening effect on the cake really made for a lovely gooey texture. The chocolate that was melted on top of the muffin again added a nice crispness to the upper portion of the muffin. The melted chocolate although still a bit lacking, was marginally more portioned than with the Galaxy muffin, which made the crisp texture of the top portion of the muffin seem that little bit more impressive. After devouring the whole 82.0g I was well and truly satisfied.

Overall this was another impressive brand extension from Mars, and I must admit I ever so slightly preferred this variant to the Galaxy. The greater portioning of the chocolate melted on top gave a little more variation in the texture - based on taste alone I wouldn't be able to split them. Again it was the case here that the caramel filling and extra chocolate needed to be a bit more generously portioned, though on the whole this was still a very enjoyable product, and well worthy of giving a try if your a Mars fan.

8.0 out of 10