January 3rd: Ritter Sport Williams Birne Truffle

Kcal 513 Fat 31.8g Fat(sats) 20.3g Carbs 51.1g (per 100.0g)

Today sees me review the second of three from Ritter Sport's latest 'Winter Varieties' range, courtesy once again from Dean-German-Grocery. This Wiliams Birne Truffle variant was comprised of 'milk chocolate filled with a pear liqueur truffle'. I had never seen pear used as a flavouring in chocolate before, so I was really curious to see if the combination would work. Doing a little research on the internet I found out that Williams Birne is actually quite a famous brand of pear schnapps (Picture HERE).

As with the rest of the 'Winter' range, this came in the standard 100.0g Ritter Sport bar form. Just like the Jamaican Rum bar, I liked the use of the black colour on the wrapper - it gave the bar a more sophisticated look. The flavour of the bar was well indicated through the pale green secondary colour, as well as the relevant picture displayed on the front. The chocolate wasn't the most impressive looking of the Ritter Sport range, though the bar still showed a clear distinction between the outer chocolate and inner truffle layers. I was really taken in by the smell of this bar - as soon as I opened the wrapper I was met with a barrage of fruity, cocoa scents; it really gave a good indication of what was to come. 

The Ritter Sport milk chocolate once again did a fine job carrying the flavouring of the bar. The outer chocolate delivered a fine milky taste that was executed with its usual smooth melt. The liqueur content of the chocolate was evident from the very first block, although delivered predominantly through the truffle filling, the subtle alcoholic flavours had also spread to the outer chocolate. The liqueur taste was just about the right strength, providing a sound alcoholic context, yet avoided being overly strong. The pear flavour was the real defining flavour of the bar, delivering a wonderfully sweet, fruity taste. I was surprised by the actual real fruit taste it delivered - it was surprisingly fresh, I was expecting something far more artificial. The taste of the pear was very long in its longevity, I could taste its wonderful sweet flavours in my mouth for a long time after finishing the bar. 

Overall despite not being the biggest fan of pears in general, I really got a lot of pleasure from this bar. The chocolate did its usual sterling job of providing a moderate, creamy chocolaty base flavour that allowed the inner truffle to express itself fully. The pear liqueur flavours were wonderfully delivered through a fresh, edgy fruit taste that really left a lasting impression in the mouth. I am not normally one for fruit flavoured liqueurs but this was a chocolate I very much enjoyed. I could see consumers of drinks like Archers and Malibu really enjoying this product.

8.5 out of 10