January 4th: Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight

Kcal 220 Fat 4.7g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 43.5g

My recent success in the Turkish Delight category (Fry's bar) has meant I have been on the look out for different alternatives to try. Whilst shopping in Marks & Spencer (as any student does during the credit crunch lol!), I found this 'Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight' bar. Formed of 'milk chocolate with a rose flavoured turkish delight centre', I thought I could not go wrong giving this bar a try, after all it looked pretty much the same proposition as the Fry's bar. Unfortunately I couldn't have been more wrong - and I found out the hard way.

The bar came in a large 55.0g, though I must admit I only ate half. The product was reasonably well presented. The pink pastel colour of the wrapper was a bit garish, though the chocolate itself look impressive. The 55.0g was split into two separate pieces that when cross-sectioned really revealed the true wealth of turkish delight that lay below. It looked impressive, but this is where the praise stops in regard to the turkish delight element. The smell for me was a bit lacking, a sweet cocoa scent was mildly detectable, though it needed seeking out and was not forthcoming whatsoever. 

I am sure you will have peeked at the taste score already - so you are going to be aware there was something fundamentally wrong with the flavours of the bar. Before I get into that I must remark on the outer chocolate which was actually superior to that of the limp, thin layer found on the Fry's bar. It was able to substantiate a reasonably full flavoured milky base before the utter terror that was the turkish delight filling. The texture of the turkish delight wasn't bad, it was slightly more solid than jelly, but softer than a fruit gum - just what you would really expect from turkish delight. Now as for the taste, well ... if you have ever been a victim of the practical joke where someone slips washing up liquid into your drink, then just imagine that circumstance ... just minus the laughs. Frankly it tasted awful, it literally tasted as if someone had made a 'Fairy Liquid' flavoured jelly. It was just horrible, possibly one of the worst tasting bars I have had on Chocolate Mission, it was to the degree that I did a very rare thing for bars I review - I didn't finish it.

Overall I don't think there is much I can elaborate on what I have already said. I don't know how this got through the taste tests at Marks & Spencer!? Surely someone along the way would have tasted it and said 'hang around here chaps, this doesn't actually taste all that clever'. Well apparently not, and this soap flavoured bar is currently readily available in all Marks & Spencer shops. With less than 5.0g of fat, this bar falls nicely into 'lighter' alternatives category I am currently scoping out in the Chocolate Market. Trust me on this one though, this bar is not fit as a present for your worst enemy. 

5.5 out of 10