January 5th: Woolworths Dark Chocolate

Kcal 512 Fat 34.0g Fat(sats) 20.1g Carbs 45.5g (per 100.0g)

Today marks a sad day in UK retailing with the closure of Woolworths. I am sure many of you British folk will have very fond memories of popping into Woolies, and spending your pocket money on a CD single and some pick-a-mix. Unfortunately Woolworths is just a victim of the times, what with online shopping/downloading, sadly there just isn't the demand to run a sustainable business model - a real shame. Anyway as a tribute I have today reviewed a bar of their own brand dark chocolate.

I bought this bar in the sales (20% off), which came to a grand total of 75p for 200.0g, exceedingly cheap. I wasn't all taken in by the foil wrapper - I thought the choice of colour was a little odd, and not really suitable for a dark chocolate. The chocolate itself was equally underwhelming. It really lacked a telling aroma, and also was completely devoid of any personality with a completely smooth looking complexion - it just looked insanely boring. 

I was surprised to read the bar actually contained 50% cocoa solids - surprised as it didn't taste like it did whatsoever. The taste was largely one dimensional, and way too sweet for dark chocolate. It had neither the creaminess of milk chocolate, or the strength of cocoa to be classed as dark chocolate - it was just completely devoid of a meaningful taste. Looking at the ingredients list showed this bar contained some funky things I had never even heard of: 'Polglycerol Polyricinoleate'? This emulsifier is supposed to make the chocolate melt better, to be honest it didn't seem to help. The melt was waxy, slow and on the whole just quite lazy. Despite its lack of taste when in the mouth, the chocolate left a sour aftertaste - it reminded me of Cadbury Bournvile, but somehow managed to have even less of an appeal. 

Overall I wish I hadn't done this review, as my last memories of Woolworths are tainted by this truly terrible chocolate. This was frankly awful dark chocolate. It looked boring, lacked flavour and had a poor melt ... I only bothered eating about 30.0g of the 200.0g. I am genuinely sad that Woolworths is now no more, but thank god no one will have to withstand their own brand chocolate for much longer. The question is where are we going to go for cheap chocolate now!?

4.6 out of 10