January 7th: Ritter Sport Organic 60% Dark

Kcal 364 Fat 26.7g Fat(sats) 16.9g Carbs 26.5g (per 65.0g)

I continued my look at the Ritter Sport 'Bio' (Organic!) range today sampling the 60% Dark variant. My original plan was to do this review as a direct comparison with the standard Ritter Sport Dark bar that I also have awaiting review - but after seeing the different levels of cocoa I thought I would leave them separate. As you have almost certainly gathered from the name this was a 60% cocoa solids bar, 50% of which were from 'selected Edelkakao beans'.

Just as with the 'Raisin and Pecan' bar this came in a 65.0g serving size, in the typical square shaped form. The outer packaging cut a more fresh, modern look to the standard range with the two tone purple background colours and relevant images particularly catching on the eye. Again I wasn't to enamoured with the splitting of the bar into 16 smaller blocks - it wasn't quite as detrimental to the bar as with the 'Raisin & Pecan' variant, though it was more the impracticability of having to handle the bar so often. The bar smelt strongly of a mixture of coffee and cocoa. The aroma was really quite pungent, I thought this set the mood nicely for what was to come.

This wasn't a bar that needed its melt progression to be far advanced before its full taste was established. As soon as the chocolate entered the mouth the cocoa flavours were very apparent. The taste of the cocoa was relatively intense, though an ever present creamy undertone avoided the taste from ever becoming bitter. This creamy background, along with the heavily vanilla noted aftertaste made for a chocolate that although strong in its flavours, offered a reasonably friendly dark chocolate experience. The melt of the chocolate also had some fine attributes in that it was well paced, thick and smooth; my only slight reservation was as mentioned earlier the disappointingly small sized blocks. The strong flavours meant I actually found this bar quite rich, I happily ate the 65.0g bar in two separate servings and found both very satisfying.

Overall this wasn't the greatest dark chocolate I have ever tasted but it was still of a pretty good standard. It didn't quite have the range of flavours offered by the higher end dark chocolates (Hotel Chocolat, Lindt etc), but it did offer an enjoyable more everyday type of chocolate. The flavours were strong, yet friendly with the cocoa intensity nicely controlled by the underlying creaminess and vanilla essence in the aftertaste. If your looking to dip your toe into the vast ocean of stronger chocolate formulations this would be a good place to start.

8.4 out of 10