January 8th: Fazermint Chocolate Creams

Kcal 35 Fat 3.5g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 13.0g (per piece)

It seems that Dean-German-Grocery don't just stop at German chocolate as today they sent me these Fazermint Chocolate Creams which are a product of Helsinki, Finland. If you want some more information on the Fazer brand take look HERE - I was surprised to read they supposedly have some sort of presence in the UK ... this was the first I had heard of them. These 'Chocolate Creams' were formed of 'chocolate with soft mint centres', and were not to dissimilar in proposition to Nestle After Eight mints .

The chocolates came in 150.0g box that contained about 15 individual pieces. The box had a nice combination of silver and green colours and communicated the relevant information well. Each piece came nicely wrapped in a branded foil wrapper that gave it just an extra touch of class. The chocolates were of a perfect size, and their curved shape not only made them look attractive but meant they also felt nice in the mouth. I thought the chocolates smelt quite appetising - the aroma was a mixture of sweet cocoa and a minty scents.

My main criticism of the Nestle After Eights was that the taste of the chocolate was all too quickly overpowered by the sugary mint fondant - this wasn't such a problem here. Though the pieces were actually quite small in size, the chocolate was actually quite thick. The 47% cocoa min chocolate was not the strongest tasting, though by the time the outer layer had melted the unsweetened cocoa flavours were long established, and provided an adequate chocolaty background flavour. Obviously the really defining and dominant element of the taste were the mint fillings. In contrast to the After Eights the fondant centres were not half as sickly or sweet tasting. The mint filling seemed much more relaxed and nowhere near as imposing - the peppermint flavours were refreshing, cool and very moreish. The texture of the filling was also nice and smooth, I was expecting a more grainy, crystallised feel but this was far preferable. The strength of the flavours meant that four of these proved to be a really quite fulfilling snack.

Overall to be honest these really quite surprised me, and proved to be a highly satisfying chocolate mint combination. I say they surprised me as I was expecting a lower quality version of the Nestle After Eight mints, who I thought up until now owned this section of the market. In my opinion these were actually the superior product out of the two. The flavours of the chocolate were better established with the thicker coatings, whilst the texture and overall taste of the mint fillings were far less intense and subsequently more enjoyable. If your a mint chocolate fan then these are well worth a look at.

7.9 out of 10