January 9th: Ritter Sport Orange Liqueur Truffle

Kcal 518 Fat 32.4g Fat(sats) 20.7g Carbs 50.4g (per 100.0g)

Rounding off my reviews of the Ritter Sport 'Winter Varieties' range that Dean-German-Grocery sent me, I today tried this Orange Liqueur Truffle variant. This bar followed much the same premise as both the other liqueur 'Winter Varieties', and was formed of 'milk chocolate with a butter truffle filling (32%) flavoured with orange liqueur (5.8%)'. I hadn't tried an orange flavoured Ritter Sport bar before, so I was looking to see how well the brand could pull off this classic combination.

I am sure by now you are all aware that these 'Winter Varieties' come in the standard 100.0g Ritter Sport size. As usual I ate this entire bar over two servings - both of which I found very substantial. Once again I thought the black coloured portion of the wrapper added an aire of sophistication - the orange liqueur theme was also well communicated with appropriate colours and pictures displayed on the front. Having tried all the 'Winter Varieties' now, I can tell you that if you put all three bars side-by-side it would be impossible to tell them apart on their aesthetic appearance (out of wrapper of course!!). One distinguishing feature they all had though were their aromas. This orange variant wasn't the most forthcoming with its fruity smells, though there was element of orange to the prominent dairy smells of the chocolate.

Just as with the William Birne truffle variant, the taste of the outer milk chocolate was affected by the inner filling. Though predominantly delivering all the standard creamy, cocoa driven flavours, the taste was also noted with an orangey hint - this was a nice warm up for the far more intensely flavoured centre. The melt of the outer chocolate revealed the inner filling at a nice rate, allowing the establishment of all the usual milk centric flavours. The filling itself was nicely flavoured and had a nice smooth, soft texture. The orange was the dominant aspect of the taste, establishing a real zesty, juicy flavour base. I wasn't all too sure about the inclusion of the liqueur element - it seemed to take the sweetness out of the orange, to be honest I would rather have just had the flavours of the orange and rid of the liqueur altogether. One redeeming attribute of the liqueur was that it did make for a long sustained aftertaste, it made the bar seem that bit richer.

Overall though not my favourite Ritter Sport variant this was yet another instance of a flavour combination they have soundly delivered on. The chocolate orange mixture wasn't quite the classic combination of say Terry's Chocolate Orange, but it was still nicely flavoured nonetheless. Even after trying this range I am still a little unconvinced in regards to liqueur flavoured chocolate - this variant didn't do too much in the way of changing my mind about that either. If your a fan of chocolate orange chocolates but often find the more mass produced offerings too cheap, then this would be a bar you should seriously consider.

8.0 out of 10