February 11th: Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel

Kcal 520 Fat 28.8g Fat(sats) 17.0g Carbs 61.0g (per 100.0g)

Every once and a while a bar comes along that I savour from beginning to end, and this Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel was certainly one of them. Described as 'fine milk chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces' it sounded like a bar that was to my taste, and given the fact it formed yet another part of the tremendous Excellence range, I must admit I had certainly been looking forward to this one.

As with every Excellence product this one came in a 100.0g size that did me nicely tremendously for two separate servings. As ever, particular attention was paid to detail by Lindt, with the outer packaging incorporating a number of different golden coloured, smart looking fonts and patterns that suited the product perfectly. As you can see above the chocolate also looked the part with the crystallised caramel pieces appearing plentiful and well dispersed. The sweet, diary concentrated smell was very forthcoming upon the opening of the bar. All in all this product was pretty much faultless in regards to its presentation.

So did the taste match the promising appearance? You bet it did! The milk chocolate was wonderfully balanced in both flavours and textures. It had the smoothest of melts, and seemed to longingly soften into a dense thick liquid. The creamy flavours of the chocolate were tremendously focal, but still allowed for the sweet, cocoa elements to influence the experience. Not only was the chocolate luxurious, but the crunchy caramel pieces were wonderfully flavoured. The pieces added bursts of syrupy, burnt, salty notes that made for an amazingly addictive overall synergy of flavours with the chocolate. The combination of the two different elements made for a very sweet experience, though 50.0g seemed near enough the perfect serving size.

Overall it has been a long while since a product has hit the dizzy heights of the 9 out of 10s, but this bar has done it with some room to spare. There is no simpler way of putting it other than this Lindt offering was a thoroughly enjoyable experience from beginning to end. The presentation? ... fantastic as ever, the taste? ... sheer heaven, satisfaction? ... completely. This is a product I whole heartily recommend, and one I will definitely be enjoying again in the near future.