February 12th: Ritter Sport Diet Yogurt

Kcal 497 Fat 37.0g Fat(sats) 20.8g Carbs 42.0g (per 100.0g)

You may remember that at the start of the year I had best intentions of reviewing some of the 'lighter' choices available on the chocolate market. Well unfortunately due to the lack of quality products I sort of abandoned my search before it really got going. Thanks to Dean-German-Grocery, today I resumed my search with the Ritter Sport Diet Yogurt bar. You may recall that I reviewed the Ritter Sport Diet Milk Chocolate bar in January, well this bar was formed of that same milk chocolate, just containing a plentiful yogurt creme (42%!).

The product came in the usual 100.0g Ritter Sport size, and looked pretty much identical to the original Ritter Sport Yogurt branding aside. The only minor difference I could distinguish between the two Yogurt bars was the fact that this Diet version was slightly flatter in regards to the heights of the blocks ... the fact that I can actually notice this really underlines how much Ritter Sport I have tucked away in the last year and a bit! Anyway, the yogurt filling looked damn plentiful, and thoroughly appetising wedged in between the milk chocolate. The smell of the product wasn't all that strong, it largely smelt of dried milk, with a sweet, dairy led scent.

When I tried the Ritter Sport Diet Milk Chocolate a few weeks ago I was pretty unimpressed with the taste. The substitution of the sugar for the artificial sweetener was very noticeable in the aftertaste, though this wasn't such an issue with this bar. The milk chocolate definitely wasn't as enjoyable as in the standard Ritter Sport Yogurt bar, but it wasn't the focal point of the taste, which made it less noticeable. The smokey kind of taste that I detected with the Diet Milk Chocolate variant was present once again, though it didn't affect the aftertaste as significantly as the yogurt creme was largely dominant. To be honest I couldn't detect any difference in the taste of the yogurt creme from the original bar. It was creamy, but with a soured, tangy aftertaste that really gave a it an enjoyable progressive taste. The textures of the chocolate and filling were fantastic, with the chocolate melting at a nice steady rate before revealing the tender, silky yogurt creme. I ate this bar 50.0g at a time, with both servings really delivering a satisfying snack.

Overall it has to be said that this bar wasn't quite of the standard of the original Ritter Sport Yogurt, but it was still an offering that I really quite enjoyed. To be honest though, I am massively sceptical as to how this bar constitutes being 'Diet', as it only actually contains 20 less calories, and 1.0g less of fat per 100.0g than the original Ritter Sport Yogurt bar. Despite the yogurt creme still being extremely well delivered, the chocolate simply just didn't taste as good. Personally I wouldn't say it was worth sacrificing the flavour from the chocolate to save the minimal nutritional gains. This is still a pretty good bar of chocolate, but to to buy it on the basis of being a 'Diet' option I think would be a bit a silly.

8.1 out of 10