February 12th: Walkers Chilli & Chocolate Potato Crisps

Kcal 131 Fat 8.3g Fat(sats) 0.7g Carbs 12.5g (per 25.0g bag)

You can't say I don't mix it up on this site ... today I bring to you ChocolateMission's very first Crisps review :) ... that's 'Chips' to you Americans. So what do we have here then? Well we have Walker's latest marketing campaign - 'Do us a flavour' ... this 'Chilli & Chocolate' variant has been chosen as one of six finalists, along with some other even more obscure sounding flavours ... 'Cajun Squirrel' anyone? (More HERE)

I sampled these today in a 25.0g multi pack bag, which rather oddly complimented my lunch time sandwich. Now I can't really pass comment on the presentation of crisps - to me they all look the same ... suffice to say though the standard Walkers foil bag kept everything fresh, and the comedy picture on the front provided some interest. I can't say I was a massive fan of the smell of the product ... to be honest I thought they would have had a sweeter aroma, though the smell was very much spice led.

Despite the smell indicating the more savoury nature of the product, the first flavours I encountered were predominantly quite sweet. If you have ever tasted hot chocolate powder before mixing it, these were the sort of flavours that were present in and amongst the starchy potato ones. To be frank I thought this wasn't particularly striking me as that pleasurable, though the later elements to the taste made the whole experience partionally better. The chilli and paprika elements were obviously far more suited to the crisps format, and were by far the dominant flavours come the aftertaste.

Overall although these were a bit of fun trying, I can't say these are a product that I would bother buying again. I definitely wouldn't buy these in place of another Walkers product, and I doubt very much they will be the eventual winner of the 'Do us a flavour' competition. I have seen some odd products in the form of chocolate coated bacon recently, which gave me hope that this combination of sweet and savoury might actually work. For my money though, this is a variant probably best stayed clear of.

6.5 out of 10