February 13th: Cadbury Cherry Ripe Double Dipped

Kcal 248 Fat 15.9g Fat(sats) 11.5g Carbs 23.2g

The emergence of this bar makes me wonder whether my review of the Cadbury Cherry Ripe landed smack bang on the desk of the head of Cadbury operations in Australia, hey we can all dream can't we!? In my review of the original bar my main gripe lay purely with the chocolate - it lacked flavour, had a pretty horrible melt and just seemed lost in the actual taste. Well what have Cadbury done with this bar? The clue is in the name! Billed as containing 'ripe juicy cherries and coconut, lusciously double dipped in rich old gold dark chocolate', I was hoping this bar was going to deliver the desired flavour hit I craved from the original.

Despite being 'double dipped' I found it quite odd that the bar actually came in a smaller size than the original. 50.0g was by no means small, far from it in fact, but still it seemed a little weird. I thought the packaging looked a great deal better than the original with its focus on more sophisticated looking colours. The product itself looked a lot darker in its appearance with the chocolate looking far thicker than the original. Despite this I still thought the bar lacked a little bit of character given the lack of branding. Upon opening the foil wrapper I was met with a pleasant wave of cocoa led scents. There was also a hint of fruity sweetness within its midst, which further added a degree of interest.

Cadbury dark chocolate has often failed to impress me (look no further than Cadbury Bournville), but I actually really quite enjoyed the taste of the 70% Old Gold. It was gone with the awful lazy melt, and in with a nicely flavoured dark chocolate. It was by no means the most flavoursome I have ever tasted, but its unsweetened cocoa flavours were ever present throughout the entirety of each bite, and even left a longing chocolaty taste in the mouth. Given the strength of the flavours of the cherry and coconut filling this was really quite a feat for the chocolate. The delightful fruity, syrupy, crunchy appeal of the coconut and glace cherries was again highly forthcoming, providing a taste that was not only unique but also highly pleasurable. The full 50.0g was a nicely sized serving, though I guess you would hope so too given the fact a single bar constitutes half of the RDA of saturated fat.

Overall I must say I was very impressed with this bar, and that I felt it really solved the originals fundamental problems. The dark chocolate was far better delivered. It was not only greater in its presence, but also had a more agreeable set of flavours that actually created and sustained impact on the overall taste. There was never any doubting the delicious cherry or coconut elements, and these were both equally as adept at delivering their wonderful fruity, sweet flavours. Anyone who feels similarly towards the standard Cadbury Cherry Ripe, I urge you to try this bar ... if you were a fan already your in for a right treat.

8.5 out of 10