February 14th: Twix White

Kcal 288 Fat 14.2g Carbs 37.2g

This has been one of my most eagerly anticipated bars to review, and it was only last week I finally managed to track down this Limited Edition Twix White. You may recall that I am a huge fan of not only the original Twix, but also a even greater proponent of the Twix Java variant - a simply stunning coffee flavoured take on the standard bar. Well today all the way from the Netherlands (random huh!?), I finally got to try this White variant - a bar that came billed as 'a mix of white chocolate, caramel and crunchy biscuit'. 

This bar actually came sized in a 58.0g form, a whole 2.0g bigger than the original Twix. I really liked the presentation of the product. The bar was contained within a neat looking foil wrapper, that not only looked classy but importantly maintained a fantastic freshness - vitally important due to the biscuit content of course. The actual fingers themselves also looked petty damn enticing - the white chocolate was a nice cream colour, which further accentuated the golden colour of the caramel, whilst the biscuit looked equally as tempting. The aroma department has never been a strength of Twix products and this White variant didn't buck the trend. The scents were not terribly forthcoming, and once found did little to excite, with only the most minor of sweet smells on offer.  

I will be straight with you - the white chocolate was a let down. I was hoping for a creamy, vanilla noted taste (Ala Milkybar), however was only confronted with a very weak set of flavours. The white chocolate was very reserved in its overall bearing on the taste, and offered only a very subtle sweet, powdered milky taste. To be honest it was neither unpleasant or pleasant - just really insignificant. The caramel and biscuit elements still proved to be very worthwhile additions. The biscuit was of a shortbread variety and combined a nice crunchy texture with a sugary, malt led taste. The caramel was as good as in the standard Twix, bringing buttery sweet burnt tasting elements delivered through its wonderfully chewy dexterity. Unfortunately the limpness of the chocolate really didn't make this a very fulfilling snack, especially compared to the other Twix variants.

Overall this bar unfortunately has to join the likes of the White Lion in the ranks of the disappointing 'White' variants category. The white chocolate was just unfortunately lacking in its flavours, and what with the chocolate being such an important constituent to the Twix this really meant it came at detriment to the product. As I have said above the powdered milk flavours it did bring weren't at all bad; they just simply weren't significant enough. I wouldn't propose anyone try this bar based on its taste alone, but I am sure there are many of you very curious to try this for yourselves - if you have done already let me know what your thoughts were.

7.4 out of 10