February 17th: Whizzers Chocolate Beans

Kcal 505 Fat 21.8g Carbs 70.3g (per 100.0g)

To the naked eye these Whizzers Chocolate Beans could be perceived as a 'knock off Nigel' Nestle Smarties product. However, closer inspection reveals that these 'Whizzers Chocolate Beans contain no added dairy ingredients: with every batch laboratory tested!' ... how very reassuring :) These Chocolate Beans were another product sent to me by those fine folk at 'Sweet N Lite', and offer a 'no dairy, no wheat, no gluten' chocolate option for those that need take care with these issues.

I received these in a pack of 50.0g that I rummaged into at random over the course of a few days. The presentation wasn't all that glamorous - the packaging was a simple cellophane packet and the 'Beans' themselves lacked the variation in their colours in comparison to the more vibrant Smarties. The pastel colours were by no means offensive, though they did seem a little subdued, which is a word that could certainly be used to describe the aroma of the 'Beans'. Similarly to Smarties these lacked a smell worth really noting, which if anything was just a little unexciting.

Due to the nature of the product I was quite intrigued to the constituents and studied the ingredients quite closely. I was surprised to see the chocolate actually contained 56% cocoa solids minimum, though was a little less taken a back by this when I tasted them. The sugary shells were well ... sugary shells - they did their job adequately and developed an initial sweetness in the mouth with a satisfying crunch factor. The inner chocolate was forthcoming in its flavours and substantiated an unsweetened cocoa influence on the taste. Admittedly I didn't think the combination of the sweet shells and plain chocolate was the greatest mix, I think the milk chocolate in Nestle Smarties provides a greater synergy. As previously noted I did eat this pack over a few days, and I must say they certainly were a nice little treat to snack on whilst sat at my desk working away.

Overall my conclusion to these Whizzers Chocolate Beans is very similar to that of the Cadbury Highlights ... would I choose them over their comparator products? (in this case Nestle Smarties) ... frankly no! Do I think they are a credible option for people who have restricted diets? ... Yes! Simply put the combination of the unsweetened chocolate and sugary shells can't touch the milk chocolate in Smarties - it just simply doesn't work as well. As I have said though, it is still a highly credible option for those restricted in this part of the market.

7.1 out of 10