February 1st: Kshocolat Orange & Cardamom

Kcal 508 Fat 38.7g Fat(sats) 24.2g Carbs 31.6g (per 100.0g) 

Its been a while since I last reviewed a Kshocolat product - but this last 'Orange & Cardamom' variant rounds up my reviews of the range (for the rest see HERE!). If like me you are wondering what cardamom is, the ever reliable WIKI has informed me that it is a herb from the ginger family. On pack the bar described itself as 'dark chocolate with tangy orange and crushed cardamom'.

The bar came in the standard Kshocolat 80.0g bar size - this did me nicely for two servings. I had similar thoughts to my previous reviews with the packaging - I thought the material made it look rather dull. This was not a problem with the bar itself though, as with the rest of the range the bar had a gleaming surface and was decorated with some striking cocoa pod patterns. The smell of the chocolate was also quite appetising. The orange was very forthcoming, and I could also detect hints of the spices and cocoa. 

I remember describing way back in July how I thought the taste of the Kshocolat 72% was a bit one dimensional, and how it needed another element to its taste. Well I was hoping the added orange and cardamom ingredients would solve this .... unfortunately they didn't. Unlike the smell suggested the orange was actually quite subtle in its flavour. It was detectable but still quite mild and failed to really create a big influence on the overall taste. The dark chocolate had a nice smooth taste, though again it wasn't nearly as rich as or flavoursome as other chocolates I have tried of this formulation. The luxuriously smooth melt of the chocolate was pretty much totally ruined by the presence of the ground spices that made for a rough, grainy texture. The cardamom had quite a peppery taste and didn't deliver the ginger type flavours I was hoping for.

Overall If I am honest, I was pretty disappointed by this bar. All the signs before consumption pointed towards this variant being potentially superior to the rest of the range - in reality it was just as average. The added orange and cardamom were all hype and no delivery - both delivering ineffectual flavours to the overall taste, as well as ruining the smooth texture. To be honest I wouldn't really recommend this bar. It may look pretty but when it comes to the taste, its a real letdown.

6.9 out of 10