February 20th: Hershey's Mr. Goodbar

Kcal 260 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 26.0g

My friends at ISHOP4YOUII have again provided me with another fantastic box of goodies all the way from the US. To be honest with such a fantastic array of products to get stuck into, I didn't quite know where to start - though after a bit of deliberation I decided to sample a Hershey's Mr. Goodbar. I remember reading a while back on Cybele's CandyBlog that the Mr.Goodbar was one of the products in the last few years that has seen its 'real' chocolate removed i.e. the cocoa butter has been taken out. The wrapper displayed the slogan 'made with chocolate and peanuts' ... to be honest I wasn't all that happy seeing sugar and vegetable oil as two of the top three ingredients of the bar.

Despite my hesitancy at the constituents I thought the wrapper was aesthetically pleasing. It was really no frills stuff, but still had quite a classical looking Hershey's appeal. The bar itself was nicely segregated into blocks, with each branded with the Hershey's logo. Turning the bar over revealed that the bar was absolutely stacked full of peanut pieces. In addition to the pleasant look of the peanuts, I was also met by a fantastic smell upon opening the bar. The nutty smell was very forthcoming in and around a sweet chocolaty smell, it was all very appetising indeed.

Much like I found with the Hershey's Fifth Avenue bar I reviewed a few weeks ago, the 'mockolate' didn't prove to actually be all that bad. In truth I thought the milk chocolate was actually rather pleasant, and was just about right in its flavours to compliment the peanuts. The 'chocolate' was quite sweet and creamy, with some strong milky tones coming through in the taste. It was also noticeable that there was no odd Hershey's tangy aftertaste. The sweetness that the chocolate generated was fantastically complimented by the peanuts, which added a delightful saltiness. As well as the salty, nutty flavours, the peanuts delivered a lovely crunchy texture, which actually gave the impression the nuts were quite fresh (although blatantly not!!). The bar came in a 49.0g serving that provided a very satisfying snack, albeit with a plentiful 17.0g of fat, and 7.0g saturated fat ... maybe not one for the dieters.

Overall I came to much the same conclusion with this bar as I did with the Hershey's Fifth Avenue. Despite the chocolate not actually containing cocoa butter, it had a surprisingly pleasant taste and melt - which brought me to a familiar thought of ... How much better did this bar taste when it contained real chocolate? Regardless, I can only judge a bar on its merits now - and in my opinion this was a pretty good tasting bar. If I had to liken this product to anything it would be like a Snickers, just minus the caramel and nougat i.e. a fair standard, sweet 'milk chocolate' which was perfectly complimented by the salty peanuts. If offered one again I definitely wouldn't turn it down.

8.3 out of 10