February 21st: Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond

Kcal 296 Fat 18.2g Fat(sats) 9.2 Carbs 27.5g

Todays bar came all the way from down under, from our good friends at Cadbury Australia. Long term readers will already have seen my review for the Cadbury Whole Nut bar we have here in the UK (if not see HERE!), a bar that used hazelnuts for its nut ingredient. Well by the looks of it, our Aussie pals are not the greatest fans of hazelnuts, as they use almonds to form their Cadbury Dairy Milk nut bar. I was trying to think of a good pun to put here, but could only come up with 'how nuts of them!?' .... for shame!!

As with a few other Cadbury bars I have tried from the Southern Hemisphere this was another that came in a 55.0g serving size. The seven blocks certainly made for a fulfilling snack, though I guess you would hope so too considering the rather large amounts of calories and fat involved. The presentation was usual Cadbury standard, with the foil wrapper ensuring both freshness and relatively good aesthetics. Taking the bar out the wrapper the almonds immediately made their presence felt. Not only were they visually striking, but the smell was instantly noticeable, and to be frank was utterly enticing.

Although I still enjoyed the Cadbury Whole Nut, my main problem with the bar was that despite the Dairy Milk chocolate being delicious, the hazelnuts were a little lifeless and limp in both taste and texture. Well it turns out that things are indeed always done backwards down under as in comparison the chocolate wasn't quite as good, but the nuts were superb ... typical eh? I have said before that in my opinion the Dairy Milk from the Southern Hemisphere isn't quite as good as the stuff here in the UK. Indeed I perceived this again, the taste just didn't seem to have the same degree of creaminess, nor did it have the same thickness in its melt. Saying that ... it was still pretty good :) Where the chocolate was good though, the almonds were simply fantastic. It sounds silly to say this about a mass produced bar but I have never had almonds that were so full of flavour. They delivered a fantastic buttery, roasted influence on the taste, all of which was delivered with a lovely crunchiness due to their whole nut style implementation. 

Overall even though the chocolate wasn't quite up to the standard of our UK Cadbury Whole Nut bar, I have seen fit to give this bar a higher score due to it delivering more with its roasted almonds. The chocolate carried the nuts nicely, though I would love to see these almonds implemented in our UK Dairy Milk as they were just so wonderfully flavoursome. It looks like I have been able to acquire a reliable source for some more goods from the Southern Hemisphere, so this bar has given me great hope of finding something really special. If you come across this bar and are a fan of Cadbury products, I strongly suggest you give it a try.

8.5 out of 10