February 24th: Thorntons Mint Bar

Kcal 244 Fat 14.6g Fat(sats) 11.4g Carbs 24.9g

If someone were to ask me what I thought of Thorntons as a brand I wouldn't be entirely sure what to say. Some of their products are pretty awesome (see yesterdays Whipped Fudge!), yet some can be absolutely dire (see Vienesse Truffle Bar). The bar I reviewed today would probably slot right bang in the middle of these two extremes. Consisting of 'milk chocolate, finished with dark chocolate with a peppermint flavoured truffle centre', it all sounded rather good - and I must say after yesterdays success I was quite looking forward to trying this one.

Forming another part of Thorntons' impulse bar range this came in a 45.0g serving. I had no complaints about the presentation, though I think the green effect of the fresh mint leaves may have been a tad overstated. The chocolate bar seemed a bit thicker than the rest of the other Thorntons bars I have reviewed recently. This was all good though the centre did annoyingly crumble everywhere once bitten into. I was relatively taken in by the smell of the product - it gave off a pleasant minty fresh aroma as soon as I opened the wrapper. 

As with yesterdays Whipped Fudge bar the dark chocolate drizzled on the coating was purely for aesthetic reasons and did not factor in the taste whatsoever. The outer milk chocolate had a nice melt and substantiated an enjoyable milk driven cocoa set of flavours. It would have been nice for the mint flavours not to have been present in the outer chocolate, though I guess this would have been a particularly hard thing to ensure. The biggest disappointment with this bar came in its filling. I saw GiGi review the 'Mint Club' over at GiGi Reviews a month or so ago, and this delivered entirely the same proposition. Although presented as a truffle filling it was not smooth to say the least, of course the crystallised peppermint pieces did deliver a welcome bit of texture, but even between these pieces the fillings had a lumpy, dry, sawdusty feel in the mouth. The mint flavours weren't at their best either - the sugary mint pieces were overly portioned and became somewhat overbearing in their sweet taste. For a 45.0g bar this really wasn't that fulfilling, and one look at the saturated fat content will ring alarm bells for some.

Overall I am quickly coming to the conclusion that Thorntons are one of the most frustrating brands ever ... the quality of their products seem to go up and down like a yo-yo. This bar by all accounts wasn't good - not the worst - but still pretty poor. It delivered nothing more than the 'Mint Club', which I guess you would be highly disappointed with if you forked out that little bit extra for something you would expect to be of a more premium quality. I personally wouldn't recommend this bar, and even after yesterdays success it will be awhile before I head back to Thorntons anytime soon.

6.9 out of 10