February 25th: McVitie's Jaffa Cake Muffin

Kcal 357 Fat 16.1g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 49.2g

One of the most viewed pages on this site is my review of McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (see HERE), it seems that everyone, not just in the UK, has a special place in their hearts for these tremendous little treats. Given this fact I could hardly turn down the opportunity to review this McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Muffin, a product I oddly found in my local petrol station. Described as 'dark chocolate on a light sponge with an orange centre', it pretty much just sounded like one big Jaffa ... mind you that didn't sound like a bad thing to me.

Much like both the other McVitie's muffins I reviewed last month this came in a pretty hefty 88.0g serving - this did me very nicely for an early morning breakfast. I liked the look of the product, it incorporated the usual Jaffa Cakes theme with the standard mixture of the dark blue and orange colours to good effect. The muffin itself looked pretty enticing as well - when cross-sectioned the dark chocolate appeared relatively thick where present, though it must be said the orange filling looked suspectly absent from a large portion of the muffin. I was surprised how absolutely terrific this muffin smelt. As soon as I opened the outer film packaging I was met with a strong array of orangey scents that grew increasingly stronger as I unveiled the muffin from its paper sheath - yummy!!

This was a product that varied in its quality from bite-to-bite. Some mouthfuls literally exploded with flavours, whilst other were just well .. a bit 'meh' really. As you will sort of be able to see from my pictures above, near the top of the muffin there were places where the orange filling was very generously portioned. When eaten in tandem with the places where the dark chocolate was thickly portioned I must say I was in Jaffa Cake heaven. The mixture of the sweet, zesty orangey filling with the unsweetened cocoa was divine - really very very good. As I have said these bites were fantastic, though a lot of others were far less spectacular as they involved mostly just the sponge cake. That being said the sponge cake was still tasty, with a sweet, vanilla led set of flavours, there was nothing wrong with it whatsoever ... just it seemed boring in the context of the other constituents. 

Overall this was another very enjoyable muffin from the McVitie's range, though like the others could have been even better had the orange filling been far more generously portioned. Much like I thought this was going to be, this was in essence a large Jaffa Cake - I don't think there can be many arguments about whether this particular product is a cake or a biscuit. This is a product that I know Jaffa Cakes fans will particularly enjoy - and I would definitely recommend they try get their mitts on one of these rather elusive muffins.   

8.0 out of 10