February 26th: Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey

Kcal 158 Fat 5.0g Fat(sats) 3.5g Carbs 26.0g

I have come to realise that one of the great perks about running this website is the ever growing number of people that want to send me items to review. Having said that even I was surprised when I was contacted by Kellogg's who asked me if I would review their new Rice Krispies Squares variant 'Totally Chocolatey'. I was surprised due to the fact that their 'Chocolate Caramel' offering took a hell of a beating on the ChocolateMission rating scale (5.1 out of 10! See HERE). Well anyway, Kellogg's continued to surprise me by delivering a huge great box to my doorstep yesterday, which contained a Rice Krispie branded chocolate fondue set and a multi-pack of their new bars. As appreciative as I am, I can still only cast my true thoughts on the bar ... which you can read below.

Kellogg's inform me that a single bar 36.0g will have an RRP of 45p, whilst the multi-pack £1.69. For the purpose of this review I chose to base my perceptions on a single bar. Described as 'toasted Rice Krispies mixed together with chewy chocolate and real milk chocolate chunks' it sounded very similar to the product that GiGi previously commented they had in the US. The bar came presented in a pleasant looking purple foil wrapper, and thankfully seemed to stick to the insides far less than the previously reviewed 'Caramel Chocolate' variant. I liked the look of the bar itself, it simply looked like a long chocolate Rice Krispies cake, with chocolate chunks embedded on top. Once released from the wrapper I was met with some fresh, sweet smelling chocolaty scents that really gave me hope that this bar might well deliver the desired chocolate hit. 

You may recall me being none to impressed with the caramel used to fuse the 'Caramel Chocolate', thankfully this bar seemingly replaced this overly sugar based tasting element with a more cocoa based mix. This meant that the rice pieces actually had more of an impact, and allowed them to substantiate a sweet, yet slightly salted base element to the taste. Within the syrupy glaze that held the bar together the chocolate flavouring could perhaps of been a little stronger, though this was helped to some degree by the chocolate chunks placed on top. Again I would like to have seen these implemented a little more generously, though having now eaten a few of these bars I can confirm the amount does vary a little from product-to-product ... you just need a little luck I guess. A 36.0g bar provided an adequate snack, and complimented both a light sandwich lunch and mid-afternoon tea well. 

Overall I must say that Kellogg's have produced a product here that is superior to the 'Caramel Chocolate', though to be honest it wasn't likely they were going to do worse. The increased impetuous of the cereal meant that the resulting taste seemed far less sugar rooted, which meant that the chocolate flavours could be far more enjoyed, thus delivering my desired chocolate hit. I wouldn't say Kellogg's have created a master piece here but if you enjoyed making chocolate Rice Krispies cakes as a kid, or have kids that like them, these would really are worth you checking out.

7.6 out of 10 




  • Richard Sutton, Bracknell
  • P Cai, Edinburgh
  • Jasmine Pang, Coventry

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