February 27th: Cadbury Fudge Cake Bars

Kcal 210 Fat 8.8g Fat(sats) 5.4g Carbs 30.4g 

This review was requested by ChocolateMission reader Alan, though given my liking for Cadbury Fudge bars I needed little persuasion trying these if I am honest. I picked up this pack of two Cadbury Fudge Cake Bars in my local Tesco just this morning for the sum of 54p. Described as 'two individual chocolate flavoured sponge cakes topped with fudge, covered in milk chocolate', I certainly liked the idea behind the product. Looking at the back of pack I noticed that the 'fudge topping' constituted 39% of the product, which made me like the sound of it even more. 

The product didn't actually state how big it was, but in comparison to a standard Cadbury Fudge, both cakes together were about double the length and four times the thickness. Of course in comparison this made for a far more substantial snack to accompany my mid afternoon coffee. In regards to presentation the packaging differed very little to the standard Cadbury Fudge bar. The cakes themselves looked pretty enticing, and just as expected the fudge layer appeared plentiful sitting on top of the cake. The smell of the product was predominantly led by the cake element. It certainly had a sweet appeal, though to be honest it almost had a generic sort of aroma ... it wasn't as if it really gave the product any distinction. 

As mentioned I ate this with my afternoon coffee, and it certainly provided a pleasant accompaniment in this regard. The outer Cadbury milk chocolate was delicious as always with its thick melting, creamy, dairy led taste. I was disappointed to find it somewhat lacking at the base of the cakes, where I thought it would be thickest ... though this was only a small gripe. The chocolate cake bases were ... well ... chocolate cake bases. They had sweet taste that was noted strongly with vanilla. In addition to this there was a consistent indication of cocoa mostly noticeable in its aftertaste. I was expecting the fudge placed on top of the cake to be softer in texture - almost creme like; however, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was implemented exactly as in the Cadbury Fudge bars with it retaining its thick, dense texture and sweet toffee like flavours. 

Overall these are a nice product extension by Cadbury and one that I would recommend if your a fan of the original Cadbury Fudge. The milk chocolate coating could have done with being a bit thicker, though in the grand scheme of things this was only a minor criticism. The fudge filling did exactly what you would expect ... its flavours were far from complex, or anything to intricate, however provided a sweet, tasty and very moreish focus for the product. These are far from being spectacular, but I would probably buy them again.

7.4 out of 10