February 27th: Milka Triolade

Kcal 540 Fat 31.5g Fat(sats) 19.0g Carbs 57.0g (per 100.0g)

Phew! After today I never have to answer another e-mail requesting me to review this Milka Triolade bar. Dean-German-Grocery kindly obliged in including one of these huge Triolade bars in my latest sampling package - for those that aren't aware it is formed of 'Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate, Milka White Chocolate and Milka Soft Bitter Chocolate' and is currently available in Germany, Spain and Portugal.

This bar came in a huge 300.0g size, that I shared with a few friends during one hardcore revision session for my finals. I thought the product was presented quite superbly - the distinction between all three layers was highly visible and gave the bar a decorative look. The logo and pictures inscribed on the surface of the pieces were clear cut, and gave the bar a really classy finish. It was commented on by the friends I shared this bar with that it smelt absolutely fantastic. As soon I opened the resealable fold (which didn't need resealing of course!), we were all met with a fantastic waft of dairy smells that had a sweet honey like hint.

Boy did we make a mess eating this bar - the challenge of splitting the blocks up into the three layers was a challenge attempted by many, though it did allow me to taste each of the different chocolate types in isolation aswell as in tandem. The base was formed of the Alpine Milk chocolate which as ever delivered a fantastic array of creamy, milk led cocoa flavours that were wonderfully noted with a touch of hazelnut. I am afraid I found the Milka White Chocolate again far too sweet for my liking - I have substantiated before that Milka White Chocolate in my opinion is far too sugar based, and this was again the case here. My distaste wasn't shared by some of my friends, which involved some quite hilarious 'swapsies' with our segregated layers. I haven't managed to get hold of a Milka Bitter Sweet chocolate bar yet, but from the small sample I tasted from the upper layer of this bar I was reasonably impressed. I liked the fact they weren't trying to pass the chocolate as 'dark' as this really wasn't what it was. It wasn't necessarily more prominent in its cocoa flavours, though the sweetness of the Alpine Milk wasn't present, and it seemed to have a bit more longevity with its nuttier taste. To be honest it was a great addition and complimented the very sweet Alpine Milk and White chocolate layers well.

Overall I wouldn't say this was the greatest tasting Milka bar I have ever had, but it definitely brought a fair share of interest with its unique design and presentation. Milka White Chocolate is simply never going to do it for me ... it just lacks the prestige in its formulation than better white chocolates I have tasted. However, my partiality for Milka Alpine Milk and the great tasting Milka Bitter Sweet chocolate layer made for what was a varied and on the whole enjoyable experience. This is a bar I would recommend you try if you get the chance, if only to see if your skilled enough to split the layers ;)

8.0 out of 10