February 3rd: Ritter Sport a la Mousse au Chocolat

Kcal 535 Fat 35.9g Fat(sats) 21.9g Carbs 46.4g

I am not going to lie, this was never one of my most desired Ritter Sport bars; frankly, because I never even knew it existed!! Suffice to say when this turned up in my latest sample package from Dean-German-Grocery I certainly liked the sound of it - 'plain chocolate with a chocolate cream filling'. As with most Ritter variants the filling was very generously portioned, accounting for 40% of the total constituents.

The outer packaging had a nice relevant brown colour scheme, the picture of the chocolate mousse was also a nice touch. In relation to some of the other variants from the Ritter Sport range, the bar had a bit of a boring look. Don't get me wrong it still looked great with a nice two tone chocolate effect, however compared to either the hazelnut or yoghurt variants it wasn't the most exciting. Although not lighting any fireworks in the looks department, the product smelt fantastic. It had an extremely forthcoming cocoa scent, much like the one offered in the Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnut variant, both enticing and indicative of the taste.

The chocolate was of the typical Ritter Sport plain formulation and included 50% cocoa solids. Much like I found in the Dark Whole Hazelnuts variant, the flavours of the outer chocolate were balanced sublimely. The taste had a strong cocoa influence that grew in its intensity as the melt progressed. This intensity was well and truly kept in check by the milky undertone that ensured the taste had no element of bitterness whatsoever. Unfortunately the middle filling was not quite of the same standard as the outer chocolate. Texturewise I would say it was in a bit of a no-mans-land, somewhere between being truffle like and actual solid chocolate. It was firm in its texture, and unfortunately lacking a bit of flavour in comparison to the outer chocolate. It did add the slightest extra milkiness, though it largely remained firmly in the background of the overall taste. Due to the richness of the outer chocolate this was still relatively filling, to be honest I was expecting something a bit less so from a 'mousse' containing bar.

Overall this was a hard bar for me to score, as though I still in the grand scheme of things enjoyed it, on reflection I thought the actual proposed filling was a bit poor. I am sure you have got the picture by now - the outer plain chocolate was superb ... a really rich and tasty chocolate. The filling in comparison was a letdown, lacking both a definitive flavour and a relevant mousse like texture. This was a bar that was still really tasty, though taking into account its real potential and the other alternatives available, for the minute I would generally recommend other variants from the Ritter Sport range over this one.

7.6 out of 10
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