February 4th: Cadbury Highlights

Kcal 160 Fat 10.4 Fat(sats) 6.4g Carbs 19.2g

My search for this bar took me far and wide ... but I luckily stumbled across 'Sweet N Lite', who just so happen to be the only online (or offline!) shop on earth with this Cadbury Highlights bar in stock. A quick e-mail to owner Bev revealed that Cadbury have temporarily stopped manufacturing this bar. Luckily they still had a few left in stock, though their supplies are dwindling so if you fancy getting hold of some be sharp! The Cadbury Highlights is a 'Milk Chocolate with no added sugars' ... could it size up to a standard Dairy Milk bar?

Although aesthetically appearing the same size as a Dairy Milk this was a little deceiving, and it actually weighed 35.0g. The majority of the weight must have been lost in the thickness, as it appeared a lot skinnier than its Dairy Milk comparator. Regardless, the product was typically well presented - and was protected nicely in an appropriately coloured foil wrapper. Apart from looking thinner, the bar appeared no different to any other Cadbury product and included the corporate logo on top of each block. The product didn't radiate the usual dairy oomph in its aroma, but did indicate some minor cocoa influences.

To be honest I really wasn't that surprised by the taste. Hand-on-heart it was nowhere near the excellence of Dairy Milk, though that is not to say it was inedible...far from it in fact. The absence of the sugar was evident from the outset of the taste, it really just didn't have the same sort of impact with its flavours. The texture of the chocolate was still wonderfully smooth, and the thickness did mean that the flavours were substantiated progressively, which was certainly a positive. Unfortunately the taste just wasn't all to my liking. The cocoa didn't seem to come through in the taste as much as with Dairy Milk, and I detected more acidic, natural yogurt type flavours. One thing I did note after eating the bar was that cocoa content was higher in comparison to a Dairy Milk (27%). As I have said though this unfortunately seemed to be offset by the sweetener (Maltitol), which affected the taste just a little too much for my liking.

Overall considering the actual contents of the bar, nutritional information and of course taste my thoughts are more positive than the taste score probably suggests. Frankly the bar doesn't taste as good as pretty much most standard chocolates on the market ... though when you put that in context most other bars can't claim to only have 160 calories and be sugar free. If it's taste your after then this simply isn't a bar you should be considering, but if your watching your weight or your sugar intake then this is as good as any product in that specialist market.

7.7 out of 10