February 5th: Eat Natural Bluberries Pistachios & Yoghurt

Kcal 211 Fat 12.1g Fat(sats) 7.8g Carbs 23.0g

Last month I gave my first review of the Eat Natural range with the Apricot, Almonds and Yoghurt variant, a bar that I buy pretty much every time I feel in the mood for an Eat Natural product. Today I decided it was about time I tried another from their vast selection, and sampled the Blueberries, Pistachios and Yoghurt variant - a bar that contained all of the aforementioned plus cranberries, coconuts, brazil nuts, and puffed rice cereal.

As always with Eat Natural products, I ate this bar as a means of consuming my breakfast on the move i.e. I ate it during an early morning lecture. Despite weighing in at a whole 5.0g less than the Apricot variant (45.0g), this bar still tied over my hunger well until lunch. To be honest I absolutely hated the colour of the outer packaging - I mean look at it! The colour reminded me of those awful 70s shell suits (See HERE), seriously what on earth where Eat Natural thinking!? Luckily I was more taken by the look of the bar itself. The pistachio nuts, blueberries and cranberries were all highly visible beneath the thick yogurt coating, and really extenuated the 'natural' properties of the product. The smell of the product was highly likable to that of the Apricot variant, with the tangy dairy scents of the yogurt very prominent, masking most of the nutty undertones.

It would be a lie to say that this bar varied massively in its taste from the Apricot variant, as in truth it largely didn't. As the smell suggested the dominant aspect was the yogurt coating, which supplied a milky, but ever so slightly soured base taste. In addition to this, the bar supplied some wonderfully enjoyable acidic, sweet fruity flavours from the blueberries and cranberries. They didn't quite provide the juicy bursts I was hoping for, however they were still highly detectable in the taste with their sharp, striking flavours. Pistachio nuts are not always the first nut type I would consider to place in a confectionery product, though their presence here was a very welcome one. Their earthy, mellow flavours were nicely balanced with the milky flavours of the shredded coconut. Although they were not the strongest tasting, they still managed to substantiate themselves in an amongst all the other flavours. An aspect where they were a slight let down was in their texture, especially in comparison to the almonds in the Apricot variant, as they didn't quite bring the same crunchiness to the experience. Thankfully the rice cereal was used rather sparingly, and just as a means of fusing the product together.

Overall this bar proved to be another pleasant offering from the Eat Natural brand, though I would say I still marginally prefer the Apricot bar. The yogurt coating was once again very well delivered, and bought an ever present creamy, yet slightly tart taste. All the fruit and nut elements brought pleasurable distinct flavours, but I must admit they didn't quite have the diversity in their textures I was hoping for. Again I feel compelled to comment on the fat contents of this bar; for what I would consider a 'lighter choice' the 7.8 grams of saturated fat does really suggest otherwise. One thing you have to consider with this though, is that at least you know where this fat is coming from, and it isn't from some sneaky chemicals or oils like in most chocolate bars we get nowadays. If your after a fruity, nutty snack on the move, I would suggest you could do far worse than one of these bars.

7.4 out of 10