February 5th: Lindt Pistache

Kcal 589 Fat 42.0g Fat(sats) 22.5g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

Despite Dean-German-Grocery supplying me with pretty much anything that has ever graced a Lindt logo, I actually picked this bar up for little next to nothing from the now in trouble 'Coffee, Crockery and Tea shop' Whittards. This bar had been recommended to me on a few occasions, and is formed of milk chocolates filled with pistachio nuts and almond cream. Pistachios are not the most commonly used nut in chocolate, so I was interested to see what Lindt could make of it.

This bar came in a standard 100.0g size that was split into several filled pods, just like with the Lindt Christmas Punch. I must say I absolutely loved the look of the product - from wrapper to bar it looked classy. The outer packaging contained a relevant green coloured theme, whilst the bar was not only protected by a foil wrapping but also by a simple layer of cardboard to maintain it in perfect condition. The pod format also looked superb - unique on the outside and truly tempting when cross-sectioned ... just look above. Not only did it look tempting, but it also smelt it too; sweet, dairy scents were radiated by the bar as soon as it was released from its foil wrapping.

Sometimes I feel the need to be blunt, and I will be here ... this bar tasted absolutely divine in every sense. The milk chocolate had all the good attributes of the Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy - it was tremendously creamy in its flavours, and wonderfully paced in its smooth longing melt. At the centre of each of these pods sat one of the most fantastic fillings I think I have ever tasted - the almond cream. As you probably guess it was fantastically creamy in its flavours, almost like a more solid form of double cream with a hint of buttery nuttiness. The pistachio nut was a fitting finale, and provided an added burst of earthy flavours along with its added crunchy texture. I do have one slight criticism of the bar, and it was that since all the flavours were so smooth and creamy they did not culminate to the richest of overall tastes. I actually managed to eat all 100.0g in one serving which gives you an idea of both how good it tasted, but also how it wasn't the most satisfying of chocolates.

Overall despite this not being a thoroughly fulfilling product, it was certainly a very tasty and enjoyable one. Everything from the packaging, smell, chocolate, inner-cream, and pistachio nuts were all delivered with a touch of Lindt finesse. Pistachios are not the most classical mix with milk chocolate, but here the combination was delivered superbly. If your a fan of chocolate with nutty cremes this is a bar I would strongly suggest you try. This is definitely a bar I will be buying again the future.

8.4 out of 10