March 11th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Crisp

Kcal 245 Fat 11.6g Carbs 31.7g

At last I have finally found a source of goods from Ireland!! Enter my new friends at the 'The Irish Shop'!! They are a UK based firm who funnily enough import goods from Ireland - Be sure to check out their shop if any of my reviews tickle your fancy. Phil from the 'The Irish Shop' has very kindly sent me some Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours that are unique to Ireland - the first of which I tried today ... the 'Golden Crisp'. This bar was formed of 'Milk Chocolate with Golden Honeycombed Granules'.

I sampled this product in a 49.0g bar, which I ate in one wonderfully adequate sitting. Just like the standard Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk I reviewed last year the product came in the wonderfully retro looking combination of a paper wrapper with a foil sheath. It looked awesome, I just wish they still made them like this in the UK. The chocolate itself also looked appetising - it was the usual branded eight block format and had the golden coloured honeycomb dispersed well throughout. Opening the foil layer revealed the utterly delightful Cadbury Dairy Milk aroma, it smelt rich, milky and insanely chocolaty ... not many smells can touch it for enticement.

If you have read my review of the Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk you will be aware that the viscosity of the Irish Dairy Milk melt is a lot thicker; I found this yet again with this bar. The taste of the chocolate was maybe the slightest bit creamier along with the denser texture, though admittedly the discrepancy between the milky, creamy sweet flavours was again not all that great. Comparisons aside, I will have to reiterate my love for Dairy Milk chocolate yet again ... for the price it is just utterly superb. The 'Golden Honeycomb' in this bar proved to be a fantastic enhancement, and rather than adding just a cheap tasting burst of sugar, it really brought some substantial syrupy, honey flavours. What was more surprising was that the honeycomb not only added flavour, but also a fantastic crunchiness that didn't detract from the smooth, thick melting chocolate.

Overall this was a bar that combined a great quality chocolate with a wonderful honeycomb element that added to both taste and texture. Having not reviewed the Cadbury Dairy Milk 'with Crunchie Bits', I can't offer a comparison just yet ... but lets just say the bar has been set extremely high by this Irish offering. If your a fan of Dairy Milk and honey this is a product you simply have to try. I can't wait to dip in to the rest of the Irish Dairy Milk range now to see what more they have to offer ... more soon!!