March 12th: Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Easter Egg Sandwich

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Yet again Hotel Chocolat have been kind enough to send me across some samples of their latest seasonal Easter line. Starting with the smallest item in the selection I today took a look at the Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Easter Egg Sandwich. Now I can't say I am the greatest fan ever of egg sandwiches but to be honest this one sounded an awful lot more appetising than your standard egg mayo and cress :) billed as 'slabs of fused dark and milk chocolate studded with dried fruit and nuts' this sounded a very enticing proposition indeed.

The 'Easter Egg Sandwich' came in a 100.0g size that was very conveniently split into two 50.0g halves. Both the packaging and chocolate were very distinct in design. The packaging was especially unique with the outer cardboard intricately folded to contain the plastic tray within. Although it looked nice I was somewhat disappointed with the fact that quite a few of the fruit and nut pieces fell off when I removed the egg from the tray. The lack of fruit and nut influence in the aroma was also slightly disappointing, however the rich smelling cocoa scents didn't fail in raising my anticipation.

The base chocolates used in this product were as expected fantastic. The milk chocolate of the product constituted of both a small portion of both the bases and the whole of the egg shapes. It was formed of Hotel Chocolat's 40% recipe that as ever never failed to substantiate some delicious sweet, creamy chocolate flavours with its utterly sinful thick melt. Despite thoroughly enjoying my reacquiantance with the 40% milk chocolate, I savoured the 74% dark chocolate even more. As ever it was quick to establish its kind yet never overly forceful rich, cocoa flavours with its smooth flowing melt. As much as I enjoyed the chocolate I must admit I felt somewhat a little less impressed with the fruit and nut implementation. Whilst the dried cranberries and raisins managed to establish some fruity, tarty flavoured influences on both chocolates, the nuts really failed to exert themselves. Their finely chopped nature meant that where present in the dark chocolate especially the almond and hazelnut really struggled. The small bitty nature also somewhat disrupted the smoothness of both the chocolates in the mouth. As you will above both egg halves included white chocolate centres that included some additional red berry flavours. I found this to be a very welcome addition as it not only added a further variation in the chocolate, but also a fun 'target' which to break the chocolate off around.

Overall I can't say this was one of my favourite ever Hotel Chocolat offerings, though that being said it was still a very tasty little product that offered plenty of variation. One thing your assured with Hotel Chocolat is the quality of the chocolate - indeed both the milk, dark and even small amount of white chocolate on offer here were tremendous as ever. My quite small disappointment with this product resided with the implementation of the fruit and nut. Being 'studded' into the chocolate meant that some of the pieces fell off in the packaging, and their small chopped nature meant they lacked presence within the dark chocolate. These are one of the cheaper Easter themed products that Hotel Chocolat are doing this Easter - whilst not the best they have to offer its worth checking out if your after high quality chocolate on a budget! More Easter Hotel Chocolat to follow soon!!

8.1 out of 10