March 14th: Milka Vanilla Pudding Sled Fun

Kcal 585 Fat 40.0g Fat(sats) 22.5g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

Rounding up my reviews of Milka's Limited Edition Winter Varieties I today tried the 'Vanilla Pudding - Sled Fun' bar, yet another bar sent to me by Dean-German-Grocery. This is a bit of a cheeky one by Milka as I have previously seen a vanilla pudding flavour reviewed by Terry over at 'The Chocolate Review' - so unlike the product claimed this wasn't an entirely new variant. Not to be in the least be perturbed by this I particularly liked the sound of this bar, which came described as 'Alpine Milk Chocolate filled with vanilla flavoured milk cream' ... yum!

The packaging was all standard Milka - the resealable nature of the 100.0g pack proved yet again quite useful as this bar took me about four sittings to eat in its entirety. The vanilla pudding flavour was well communicated on the front of pack, with what looked like a Creme Caramel ... one of my favourite desserts! Out the pack the bar looked very appetising, with the filling cutting a particularly plentiful and tempting look with its yellow colouring. The aroma of the bar was also very enticing, and combined some delightful nutty scents with a very sweet smelling vanilla essence influence.

Milka bars are commonly known for their sweet taste, and this offering did little to show evidence agaisnt this. The Alpine Milk chocolate was as nicely flavoured as ever with some fine cream, cocoa influences dominating the overall taste. The slight hazelnut note was also still present, though had less significance due to the filling quickly establishing its flavour base. Much like the outer chocolate the filling was fantastically smooth in its melt, which made for a delightful set of textures. Flavour wise it was undoubtedly pleasant, but took the word sweet to its extremes. The vanilla cream was very creamy and reminded me a lot of very sweet flavoured custard - as I said it was wonderfully enjoyable, but never something that you would want to consume in vast quantities, which thus made it a little unsatisfying.

Overall this was one of those tricky bars to rate as the product was on the whole very tasty, yet at the same really quite unfulfilling. Milka Alpine Milk chocolate is always a safe bet, and a great flavour carrier for additional fillings. However, both the product's main strength and main weakness came in the form of its vanilla pudding filling, which was great tasting but at the same time just incredibly sweet. For fans of sweet flavoured chocolate then this is a bar I would recommend, for those the other end of the spectrum I guess this is one to avoid.

7.8 out of 10