March 16th: Kit Kat Maccha Tiramisu

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

ChocolateMission truly has now gone fully global - with J-List (a company based in Japan) being the latest company offering me the chance of some samples. I will be providing impartial reviews of the products that they send to me, if you so wish to make your way to their website to try the products for yourself I suggest you click one of the many banners now included on the site. By the look of their frequently changing stock it looks like we are certainly in for some interesting reviews.

Kicking off my first J-List review I today sampled this Kit Kat Maccha Tiramisu. It seems that Nestle just love trying all sorts of different flavour variants of Kit Kat in Japan, I just wish they had the same attitude here in the UK. This Maccha Tiramisu variant is a seasonal variety and promised to incorporate both green tea and tiramisu flavours ... I told you we were in for some interesting combinations!

I received a large pack of single stick pieces that in terms of size were no different to the standard Kit Kats we get here in the UK. Although individually they didn't make for the most substantial of snacks they looked interesting and were kept within individual foil wrappers. Aesthetically they were striking to say the least - as you can see above they had a light pastel green colour that I thought looked pretty distinctive. As well as being visually striking they also emanated a very enticing aroma that had strong dairy connotations with elements of cheesecake and cream ... it smelt fantastic.

As with every Kit Kat the outer coating, crisp wafer centre and creme filling all made for a wonderful array of textures. The outer coating had a very white chocolate like sweet taste with elements of vanilla and cream very much the dominant flavours. As the melt progressed ever so slight notes of green tea came through in the taste, giving it the most minor of delicate herby notes. The crisp wafer brought the usual malty flavours, whilst the inner creme further supplemented the creamy, milk flavours of the outer coating bringing a delicious tangy yogurt aftertaste. I am not sure what constitutes a tiramisu in Japan as there were obvious elements missing (liqueur, mascarpone etc), however the culmination of all the aforementioned made for an enjoyable, distinct taste.

Overall despite the lacking of some traditional tiramisu flavours, this was a product that delivered a very pleasant and unique flavour experience. The green tea element was subtle, yet still highly detectable amongst all the predominantly cream flavours. In my opinion this was the best way to implement such a flavour as too much of an emphasis on such a flavour would probably have resulted in an odd bitterness. Luckily this Kit Kat variant avoided this, and provided a very pleasant offering. If you are a Kit Kat fan and love experimenting with weird and unique flavours this would be a product I recommend. More coming from J-List very soon.

8.0 out of 10