March 20th: Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Azuki Bean

Kcal 110 Fat 6.0g Carbs 12.4g (per 20.5 - 2 fingers)

You may recall that I reviewed the Kit Kat White Chocolate Azuki Bar way back last September and being really rather impressed with it. Well when J-List offered me the chance of trying out the milk chocolate version I was never going to say no. Those of you who have never come across Azuki Beans before, I can inform you they are a red coloured legume, and are traditionally used in sweet foods in the Far East.

I received this Kit Kat in a 41.0g pack that was split into two double finger servings. Again I feel the need to pass comment on how well the product was presented in both a cardboard sleeve and foil wrappers. It seems that Nestle in the Far East pay a lot greater attention to presentation than Nestle do in the UK. Despite the on box pictures showing the azuki bean creme as purple, the actual Kit Kats looked no different to the standard milk chocolate ones we get here in the UK. Unlike its aesthetic looks though, the smell really distinguished this bar, and emanated curious fresh cut grass like scents in between the standard sweet biscuit smells.

The outer milk chocolate was really what you would come to expect from Nestle. It was a relatively standard milk chocolate in that it had predominant sweet, milky flavours. The wafer also contributed its standard malty type flavours that were of course delivered with that beautiful resounding crunch in texture. Sitting in the middle of this wafer was were the azuki bean creme lay and it wasn't slow in establishing a firm grip on the overall taste. The creme brought all kinds of different flavour elements - it had interchanging sweet caramel, soy, earthy notes that made for a highly variable and unique taste. The resounding flavours in the aftertaste left a slightly bitter, nutty taste however I must say the range and longevity of flavours made this one of the most fulfilling Kit Kats I have tried yet.

Overall just like the white chocolate version this was a highly enjoyable Kit Kat variant. It is definitely a hit or miss sort bar - the azuki bean creme certainly doesn't hold back at all with its unique flavour qualities. Personally this was a bar that I found satisfying and a little exciting - it is not often you come across such weird and wonderful flavour variants - I always find it nice to try something new. If your a fan of Kit Kats then you should add this to the growing number of flavour variants you simply have to try!

8.2 out of 10