March 21st: Hershey's Sugar Free Caramel Filled Chocolates

Kcal 150 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 28.0g (per 43.0g - 5 pieces)

These are another variant from the Hershey's Sugar Free range that *IShop4YouII* provided me with, and I have similarly been sampling these for the last week or so in conjunction with the other offerings from the range. I must say these came across as one of the more puzzling products ... how on earth do you make a sugar free caramel? Looking at the back of the pack the words 'Malitol Syrup' seemingly gave me my answer.

As with the rest of the range these were received in a 85.0g bag that I consumed very rationally over the course of the last week to save me from 'experiencing a laxative effect' ... too much detail. The packaging didn't have the same dull, faded look of the Reese's Sugar Free product yesterday, and actually looked relatively well presented. The chocolates were all contained within foil wrappers that looked not all that dissimilar to the Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolates. When cross-sectioned the inner caramel was alarmingly runny, though this didn't cause too much upset as the pieces were nicely suited to consume whole anyway. Aroma wise the pieces really failed to create an impression on me, they radiated just a minor sweet scent.

Despite being far from the atrocity of yesterdays Reese's Sugar Free showing these were again not all that great. The milk chocolate was the same used in the standard Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolates I reviewed a few weeks ago. It was relatively mild in its flavours, though still had an enjoyable subtle milky sweetness to it. Unfortunately these already quite weak flavours lost the chance of creating a real impression on the taste due to the inner caramel proving really quite dominant in terms of in mouth presence. Although being highly detectable with its fluid like state the caramel failed to create an impact with its flavours. To be honest the caramel felt really quite odd ... it just didn't influence the taste whatsoever and just proved to be a distraction from the fair tasting chocolate.

Overall these proved to be another disappointing showing from the Hershey's Sugar Free range. I asked the question in my opening paragraph ... How do you create a sugar free caramel? ... Based on this evidence you simply don't ... you just create something that looks like caramel and call it that. These were nowhere near as appalling as yesterdays Reese's Sugar Free effort, as at least the milk chocolate tried to bring something to the table. I am still nowhere near recommending these to anyone though.

6.3 out of 10