March 25th: Kit Kat Sweet Potato

Kcal 114 Fat 6.6g Carbs 12.8g (per 20.5g - 2 fingers)

You could probably have guessed that this was another Kit Kat variant sent to me by the wonderful people at J-List. I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes, though despite there name I must say I haven't ever thought of using them in a sweet food context and have always used them for savoury dishes. As we all know though the Japanese sure like to mix things up and I was more than willing to see what they could make of a sweet potato flavoured Kit Kat.

The on-pack writing as you may have gathered was of course all in Japanese - this didn't stop me from matching up some the numbers though - this came in a 41.0g pack that was split into two separate foil sealed double fingers. Although I couldn't read any of the writing I thought the product was wonderfully presented with the fingers not only contained within their foil packets, but also a nice little cardboard package. The fingers themselves were a pastel yellow colour, though a darker brown coloured creme could be seen running through the middle of the wafers. I really liked the smell of the product - it had a pleasant sweet smelling biscuit like aroma that caught my attention instantly.

I really didn't know what to expect from a sweet potato flavoured product but thankfully it was rather good. The outer coating had a white chocolate like appeal with a very tasty milky, vanilla like taste. This creamy coating was complimented nicely by the standard malt flavours from the wafer that of course delivered the usual pleasant crunchiness. Sitting inside the wafer it was the creme that delivered the really unique flavours of the product. The most apparent flavours it initially brought were elements of sesame and salt with just the slightest of sweet potato starchiness. The aftertaste seemed noted with a twist of black pepper, which actually was a lot more appealing than it sounds. It left a lingering spice note that was nicely extinguished by the remnants of the creamy coating. I ate the whole four fingers in the same sitting and was still left feeling a little hungry, however there was no doubting the tastiness of the product.

Overall this surprisingly wasn't just a gimmicky description and it actually delivered a very lively and exciting set of flavours. I was admittedly sceptical that this would be the case but this Kit Kat combined a wonderfully friendly outer coating with the wafer and slightly spiced sweet potato creme really rather well. I think you have to be the adventurous type if your going to enjoy this particular product, it isn't your standard Kit Kat I tell you now. If you like trying things that are a little different then this would be a product I highly recommend, another good score for the Kit Kat range.

8.0 out of 10