March 27th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisp

Kcal 245 Fat 11.6g Carbs 31.7g

This Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisp was another bar provided to me by my friends at 'The Irish Shop'. Up until very recently we had a very similar bar available here in the UK, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Chips - if you look hard enough you may even still be able to find it in some shops. Anyway this Irish version came billed as 'mint flavoured milk chocolate with honeycombed granules'.

This bar came in the usual Irish 49.0g .... why 49.0g and not 50.0g? ... who knows! The 49.0g provided a very substantial snack, which I ate in the one sitting. The product was packaged in the usual Irish Cadbury style, combining a paper sleeve and inner foil wrapping. I thought the flavour variant was well communicated by the wrapper, whilst the bar itself looked oddly appetising with some distinctly garish green pieces evident throughout the branded blocks. I had somewhat mixed feelings regarding the smell of the bar. It had a very forthcoming mintyness, which although smelt quite pleasant itself, detracted from the usual Dairy Milk scents.

I was slightly wary by the look of the mint pieces in the chocolate, in that I was thinking that due to their crystallised nature they might bring an unwanted additional sweetness. This in fact wasn't a reality. What I was quite surprised to find was that the actual 'Mint Crisp' pieces were more honey led in their flavours, with the real mint element incorporated in to the actual chocolate. This meant the usual creamy, milky Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours were partially lost, though the extra mintyness was still very pleasurable and fresh tasting. The thickness of the Irish Dairy Milk was again present, and was wonderfully complimented by the crunchy honeycomb pieces. As I have said above I consumed the whole bar in one - it was very moreish, yet at the same time very satisfying.

Overall this was another hugely enjoyable bar from the Irish Cadbury Dairy Milk range. Although the implementation of the mint flavouring to the chocolate did detract some of the focus from the original Dairy Milk flavours, the slight variation will definitely be a warmly received one for fans of milk chocolate and mint combinations. As well as retaining the unique thick texture, the mint crisp pieces added further interest with their distinct crunchiness. If you were a fan of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Chips I very much recommend this bar.

8.4 out of 10