March 28th: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Layered Cookies

Kcal 300 Fat 15.0g Fat(sats) 8.0g Carbs 37.0g (per 4 cookies)

Despite the mountains of chocolate I have been eating my way through recently in order to bring you all Easter 2009 in a nutshell, I have also been treating myself to the some of Hershey's latest cookie ranges that CandyPirate so kindly sent me. The first lot of the selection I decided to indulge in were these 'Milk Chocolate Layered Cookies', which sat under the traditional Hershey's branding.

I received these in a pack of four (56.0g) that did me nicely for two separate snacking occasions. The cookies were nicely presented in a well designed foil wrapper and also came adequately protected in a cardboard sleeve. The cookies themselves cut a nice look with all of the different layers visible and the Hershey's logo well crafted into the surface of both biscuit sides. Despite not having the greatest of chocolaty hints in its aroma, the smell that emanated from the packet was resoundingly pleasant and displayed some nice sweet scents.

Just as the name suggested the product was formed of three different layers. The outer cookies tasted almost completely identical to Bourbon biscuits we get here in the UK with a lovely buttery, sweet taste. Separating the crunchy cookies and inner white creme was a very welcome layer of milk chocolate. I thought it added not only added the chocolate hit that was slightly lacking in the cookie elements, but also delivered a complimentary moistness to the other two drier textured layers. Sat directly in the middle of each cookie was a pleasant sweet, milky fondant substance that was none to dissimilar to the stuff found at the centre of Oreos. Two cookies at a time certainly made for a nice snack to accompany a mid afternoon coffee.

Overall these were good cookies yet at the same time a little unspectacular. The three different layers combined to deliver what you would expect from such a product ... a pleasant biscuit and creme centre offering with just a little touch of milk chocolate to give it a chocolate flavour hit. These have scored ever so slightly better than Oreos, however for me they are pretty much inseparable as these offer much the same proposition. Cookie fans these are certainly a product you would like to try.

7.9 out of 10